April 2015 (7)
Apr 29 2015 2:56PM
The torture of boxing: why I’m boycotting the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight
Call me a wimp, a puny weakling who gets sand kicked in his face whenever he foolishly ventures onto the beach (with his decidedly non-beach-ready body), but I just don’t understand the appeal of … boxing. Pummelling your opponent with...
Apr 27 2015 4:48PM
Celebrating the great patriotic struggle ... to create twerk videos
It certainly wasn’t an incendiary Pussy Riot-style political stunt, though it did involve six young women dancing in a short YouTube video . And it’s also led to time behind bars for three of them. Like Pussy Riot, the Novorossiysk “tw...
Apr 24 2015 7:46PM
Human rights news of the week, 24 April
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Apr 17 2015 3:26PM
Human rights news of the week - 17 April
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Apr 16 2015 6:45PM
Real life v the Bahraini Grand Prix
‘Ooh, they make me dizzy’ - Buzzcocks, Fast Cars Yeah, all these years later it's still a favourite. Buzzcocks’ always-exhilarating song springs to mind whenever I think of Formula One, that commercially turbo-charged extravaganza of c...
Apr 10 2015 4:46PM
Human rights news of the week - 10 April
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Apr 1 2015 11:35AM
The immoral maze of the death penalty
The US state of Oklahoma’s recent move to introduce nitrogen gas executions has apparently been 'inspired' (if that’s the right word) by the former Conservative minister Michael Portillo’s TV programme about supposedly 'humane' executi...