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July 2013 (6)
Jul 22 2013 12:28PM
Elton John joins Pussy Riot: or how I learned to stop worrying and love Live Aid
When you’re a grizzled old greybeard like me, you get old friends (also grizzled greybeards) sending you emails on your birthday with links to performers from Live Aid. (At this point younger readers may want to Google “Live Aid”. Here...
Jul 18 2013 4:28PM
Crushed by the wheel: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood
The wheel has turned in Egypt and we seem to be back to the Mubarak-era practice of the security services cracking down hard on the Muslim Brotherhood. The Egypt authorities’ decades-long repress/repress-slightly-less/tolerate/repress-...
Jul 18 2013 12:17PM
Happy birthday Nelson Mandela!
Maggie Paterson is Editor of Amnesty Magazine. She was involved in the Anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa and here celebrates Mandela's birthday by reflecting on the vital role he played in the struggle. Today is Nelson Mandela’s...
Jul 9 2013 5:03PM
"They took all our money and beat my sister": Migrants at the mercy of the Greek coastguard
When 17-year-old B’s sister and parents were killed in a bomb attack in Ghazni, Afghanistan in September last year, it didn’t take him long to realise it was time to get out. Fearing for his own life and the lives of his two younger si...
Jul 3 2013 12:30PM
Trapped in the zone: Edward Snowden shouldn’t take everything Putin says at face value
Like everything about this amazing case, Edward Snowden’s attempt to claim asylum has become an enormous story in itself. Reportedly still holed up in the “transit zone” of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport, Snowden’s WikiLea...
Jul 1 2013 2:40PM
Kazakhstan: David Cameron’s oil-slicked PR
Knocking back £11-a-go pints of Guinness, joking about getting election votes from fellow international leaders - David Cameron’s visit to Kazakhstan has certainly been … eventful. As the news headlines have mentioned many times, this...