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Mansour Ossanlu - medical emergency - ACT NOW!

Readers of this blog and of the Amnesty trade union web pages will be familiar with the case of Mansour Ossanlu, leader of the Tehran bus workers union, who has been jailed on several occasions, most recently in July 2007, with a five year sentence.

Mansour Ossanlu

His only crime was to engage in the same kind of non-violent, legitimate trade union activity that you and I do every day. Amnesty International considers him to be a prisoner of conscience.

Since his arrest 26 months ago Ossanlu's health has deteriorated.
This is not just what we say. It's what the prison doctors say, which is why they have recommended he be given medical treatment outside of jail.
But the case judge says that he cannot be treated outside the prison.
Ossanlu's health continues to deteriorate and today Amnesty International is launching a large-scale global campaign to call for his fair treatment and release.

I urge everyone reading this message to do two things right now:

1. Go to and send off your message.

2. Pass this message on to at least 10 friends and co-workers.


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