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Amnesty addresses the TUC

Our Director, Kate Allen, has just delivered a stirring call for human and labour rights solidarity at the TUC Congress here in Liverpool, and received a rousing response from the trade union delegates. 

As readers will know, this is the 30th anniversary of Amnesty’s trade union network, and the invitation to speak to delegates comes hot on the heels of our unique Collaboration and Partnership Memorandum with the TUC, signed earlier this year.

In her contribution Kate highlighted the challenges that lie ahead – singling out the current urgent appeal for Mansour Ossanlu, the jailed Iranian bus union leader, who is being denied urgently needed medical treatment by the judge in his case – despite the recommendation of the prison doctor that he be taken to hospital. I have posted previously with details of his case. So far nearly 10,000 of you have responded – supported by our union allies at home and abroad. Please add your voice to this urgent protest.

Two years ago, our joint efforts did result in Ossanlu being given the treatment he needed to save his eyesight – lets redouble our efforts to get the same outcome again.

Not all the news is bad news. Kate also highlighted the unprecedented outcome of joint Amnesty and trade union work which secured the release of six Gambian trade unionists that were freed one month into a six year jail sentence for sedition.

As well as hearing Kate, delegates also watched a video on Amnesty –Union activism that was very well received in the hall.

You can see the full speech on Congress TV – its will be online from about 7 this evening.

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