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Before Our Eyes

'Before Our Eyes' tells the story of Anna, a young mother who, suddenly homeless and struggling to survive, tragically watches her daughter die as a result of the shocking standard of accommodation they have been placed in.

Amnesty International UK has created 'Before Our Eyes' with our ambassador Olivia Colman and actor Adrian Lester to engage and educate the public on the very real threat to human rights in the UK. Hear more from the actors about why they became involved in this project:

By exposing the problem in a format we are all comfortable with – a gritty drama trailer – we hope to bring human rights home and capture the attention of the nation. The British public cares about human rights. However, many of us see it as a distant problem. Something we only see on our screens.

But this isn’t drama, this is real life.

The fictional 'Before Our Eyes' drama is not based on just one story. It is based on the real lives of countless people in the UK. For example, read the real life story of Charlotte, our consultant for the film, who shares her own challenges of living in temporary housing. While the majority of us care about human rights, these violations on our doorstep remain invisible to many.

Right here at home, a chilling reality is unravelling – millions of families cannot access the basic human rights they need to live; from safe shelter to access to healthcare, food and more. This crisis does not come from a lack of resources, as we are often led to believe. It comes from economic and social inequality, which is felt by many across the country.

We are currently working on issues like these that affect people's everyday lives in the UK. The current statistics tell us why its important we do:

It's Time To Tune In

These devastating impacts on peoples’ lives are the outcome of a lack of respect for our rights. And they are not the end of the story. The structures that protect all of our human rights are at risk, and the clock is ticking. It's time to tune in.

Nobody should go without safe shelter, access to healthcare, and food. Olivia Colman and Adrian Lester have helped to bring these realities to our screens. But tuning in does not end with 'Before Our Eyes'. 

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