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Everyday around the UK, ordinary people with extraordinary passion and exceptional determination are standing up for human rights.  

Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, teachers, students, nurses, journalist – people from all walks of life who care about justice and equality are striving to make a difference, for themselves and for their communities.

People like your neighbour, your colleague, your friend. People like you.

They are human rights defenders.

Start 2020 by celebrating those making a positive impact in your community. Enter the Amnesty Brave Awards yourself, or share this page with someone you think should enter themselves.




About the Amnesty Brave Awards

The Amnesty Brave Awards celebrate ordinary people with extraordinary passion who are making a difference in their communities. 

The Awards will celebrate the local human rights defenders who are at the forefront of fighting for human rights in towns and cities across the UK. 

The Awards are a fantastic opportunity for both budding and accomplished campaigners and activists to be recognised and celebrated for their work. 

Nominations are open to anyone in the UK campaigning on human rights issues, such as women’s rights, LGBTIQ+ rights, the climate crisis, justice, equality and much more.

Winners and nominees will have the chance to have their campaigns featured on our website. People under the age of 18 are highly encouraged to be nominated, and winners will be selected as part of a Youth Human Rights Defenders category. 

Entry period: 10 January – 10 February.

Winners announced on World day for Social Justice (20 February). 

Human rights defenders

Across the UK and around the world human rights defenders are at the forefront of defending and furthering human rights for us all, making our world more just and fair. But across the globe they are coming under increasing attack at an alarming rate and scale.

The Brave Awards is part of Amnesty’s global BRAVE campaign which calls for increased recognition and protection of human rights defenders around the world.


Who can enter?

Anyone in the UK working, campaigning or volunteering on human rights issues, such as women’s rights, LGBTI rights, the climate crisis, justice, equality and much more. Including under 18s.




What is there to win? 

All entries that go through a due diligence and consent process will get a chance to be added to a dedicated page on our website.

Winners will receive a plaque and be profiled on our website and with our media partners. 

How will winners be selected?

People across the UK will nominate human rights defenders who have inspired them with their amazing work. 

Winners will then be selected by a panel composed of local journalists, our staff and activists. 

How much does it cost to enter?

It’s free to enter!

Who is a human rights defender?

Our definition of a human rights defender is:

  • A person who, individually or in association with others
  • Acts to defend, promote and protect human rights
  • At local, national, regional or international levels

Who is not a human rights defender?

A person cannot claim to be a human rights defender if they:

  • Resort to or advocate violence
  • Deny the universality of human rights
  • Take action that undermines the rights of others

Who is involved?

The Amnesty Brave Awards project is supported by: