It's been four years since the Republic of Ireland voted for same sex marriage to be legal.

But in Northern Ireland they're still waiting. Despairingly, it's still illegal for same sex couples to show the ultimate act of love.

This could change, with your help. Tell the Government to extend equal marriage to Northern Ireland.

Demand marriage equality in Northern Ireland

End the inequality

Four years ago this month, the Republic of Ireland voted for same-sex marriage to be legal. An amazing step forward for LGBTI rights.

But in one part of the UK, there have been no wedding parties.

Despite overwhelming public support for equal marriage in Northern Ireland – as well as amongst politicians – progress on this issue has constantly been blocked.

More than two years after the collapse of devolved government in Northern Ireland, Westminster must urgently intervene.

It's time Northern Ireland was brought in line with the rest of the UK, and discrimination against the LGBTI community is ended.

Westminster must act

Join us and our partners in Northern Ireland's Love Equality campaign in telling the Government to change the law to allow marriage equality in every part of the UK.