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The UK and France must ensure refugees with family links are reunited in the UK

Refugee camp in Calais
A resident of the refugee and migrant camp in Calais known as 'The Jungle' searches for a phone signal © Richard Burton/Amnesty International

Thousands of refugees and migrants are still enduring squalid living conditions in Calais and Dunkirk in Northern France, many of them in the hope of reuniting with their family in the UK.

The upcoming demolition of the camp at Calais adds even greater urgency to the situation.

To break out of this gridlock, the UK and French governments must urgently ensure that those in the camps with family links to the UK are swiftly identified and transferred here.

Letter to the UK and French Home Secretaries, 14 October 2016
Public statement, 15 February 2016: UK and france must cooperate to ensure swift transfer of refugees and migrants with family links to UK