Urgent Action: Clampdown on free expression in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico authorities responded violently to demonstrations on 1 May by repressing protesters

UA 087/18 issued 04/05/2018

Urgent Action: The state is repressing demonstrators in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan authorities have responded violently to demonstrations taking place throughout the country.

UA 080/18 issued 24/04/2018

Urgent Action: Students detained for anti-war protest in Turkey

11 students from Istanbul’s Boğaziçi University, who attended a small peaceful campus protest remain in police custody.

UA 066/18 issued 28/03/2018

Urgent Action: Four activists arbitrarily detained in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Four youth activists were arrested on 30 December 2017, but have yet to be brought to court nor notified of the charges

UA 038/18 issued 14/03/2018

The state of the world’s human rights in 2017

You said no to hate. You said no to fear. You said no to a world without human rights.

While world leaders pushed hate, fought against rights, ignored horrific crimes against humanity, and let inequality and suffering go on, there was another side to human rights abuses in 2017. That is the story of people coming together to protest, to rise up and challenge those in power, remind them that they are powerful.

Urgent Action: Criminalization of peaceful protesters in Thailand

Peaceful protesters in Thailand are at risk of arrest and up to eight years’ imprisonment

UA 033/18 issued 14/02/2018
Protesters in Iran

In the days following the biggest anti-government protests in Iran this decade, at least 1,000 detained protesters are now at risk of torture for their actions.

Most of the demonstrations appear to have been peaceful, but in some cases protesters have engaged in stone-throwing, acts of arson and damage to buildings, vehicles and other property.  

Urgent Action Update: Violence against protestors escalates

At least 20 people have reportedly been killed, hundreds detained and others injured following the repression of protests

1st Update on UA 264/17 issued 20/12/2017

Urgent Action: Violent repression following elections

At least 13 people have reportedly been killed, scores of people detained and others injured

UA 264/17 issued 06/12/2017
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