Occupied Palestinian Territories (97)
Jul 27 2017 6:37pm
Israeli forces attack peaceful crowds of Palestinians at al-Aqsa mosque
‘Israeli forces started firing stun grenades, tear gas and sponge-tipp...
Jul 25 2017 10:00am
Israeli forces carry out violent hospital raids in ruthless display of force
Israeli soldiers and police stormed a Palestinian hospital twice over ...
Jul 14 2017 4:22pm
Palestinian police officer due in court for alleged assault on Amnesty researcher
‘Palestinian security forces have an appalling track record of using e...
Jun 7 2017 10:27am
Condemnation is not enough - 50 years of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories
As we enter into half a century of Israel's illegal occupation of Pale...
Feb 28 2017 12:36pm
Israel: Detention of Palestinian journalist on hunger strike without charge ‘unjust and cruel’
The Israeli authorities’ administrative detention of Muhammed al-Qiq, ...
Oct 28 2016 5:46pm
Write for Rights 2016: Mohammad Faisal Abu Sakha
Case sheet for Mohammad Faisal Abu Sakha.