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Zimbabwe (184)
Jun 7 2019 9:43am
Urgent Action: Seven activists arrested and charged with treason
Seven activists arrested on different dates, are facing charges of tre...
Apr 24 2019 10:35am
Urgent Action update: Activist and opposition members await trial
Activist Rashid Mahiya and opposition Members of Parliament, Charlton ...
Apr 15 2019 8:03am
Cyclone Idai: international assistance urgently needed one month on
One month since Cyclone Idai hit Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe - kil...
Mar 19 2019 9:10am
Cyclone Idai: Governments must ramp up rescue efforts and ensure adequate humanitarian assistance
With hundreds of people confirmed dead and thousands of others missing...
Mar 14 2019 2:24pm
Urgent Action: Activist and opposition members charged with treason
Activist Rashid Mahiya and Members of Parliament with the opposition, ...
Feb 9 2019 8:21am
Zimbabwe: ‘most brutal tactics imaginable’ used by authorities to crush fuel-hike protests - new report
Amnesty research documents the Zimbabwean authorities’ brutal crackdow...
Jan 25 2019 12:54pm
Zimbabwe: brutal crackdown continues as protesters killed, raped and tortured by security forces
Children as young as 11 detained on frivolous charges Security for...
Jan 15 2019 5:13pm
Zimbabwe: 8 killed and 200 detained in crackdown on fuel price protests
Reports of security forces using firearms and teargas as crackdown on ...
Sep 12 2018 4:44pm
Zimbabwe must ensure cholera outbreak is managed better than disaster of 2008
‘No lessons were learned from the 2008 epidemic’ - Jessica Pwiti Th...
Aug 17 2018 3:31pm
New Secretary General Kumi Naidoo pledges support for African human rights defenders to hold the powerful to account
Kumi Naidoo, the new Secretary General of Amnesty International met wi...