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Terrorism (30)
Nov 2 2023 12:01am
UK: Government's Prevent Duty 'fundamentally incompatible' with human rights - major new report
Thousands of people, including innocent children, are caught up in Gov...
Jun 26 2023 6:40pm
USA: UN Special Rapporteur’s findings reinforce urgent need to close Guantánamo
Scathing report reviews indefinite detention and human rights violatio...
Oct 11 2022 9:42am
UK: Belfast star Ciarán Hinds calls on Liz Truss to scrap ‘Troubles’ Bill
With Parliament's return Oscar-nominated star of acclaimed film Belfas...
Sep 27 2022 6:09pm
Northern Ireland: Amnesty International urges answers in Martin O’Hagan investigation, 21 years after murder of journalist
Call for publication of Police Ombudsman investigation, 21 years after...
Apr 13 2022 2:44pm
Nigeria: Eight years after Chibok more than 1,500 children abducted by armed groups
Of the 276 abducted Chibok children, 16 were killed and 109 remain una...
Dec 15 2020 9:53pm
Nigeria: Authorities must act immediately to rescue abducted children and ensure schools are made safer
Boko Haram claimed responsibility for abduction of over 500 boarding s...
Oct 29 2020 4:54pm
India: Counter-terror raids on journalists and human rights organisations signal 'alarming' escalation in crackdown on dissent
Raids in Jammu and Kashmir conducted based on accusations that the org...
Feb 14 2020 3:14pm
Nigeria: military torches villages as Boko Haram attacks escalate
Nigerian military’s brutal tactics should be investigated as possible ...
Feb 1 2019 5:20pm
Nigeria: 'deadliest' Boko Haram attack on Rann leaves at least 60 people murdered
Satellite images available At least 60 people were killed followin...
Oct 16 2018 3:20pm
Nigeria: Boko Haram killing of aid worker Hauwa Liman 'a war crime'
Responding to the murder of aid worker Hauwa Liman by Boko Haram, Osai...