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Aug 21 2019 10:58am
Fresh wave of phishing attacks targeting human rights defenders - new research
Attackers who use phishing scams to target human rights defenders in t...
    Dec 17 2018 8:15pm
    China: Google's 'plan to drop Project Dragonfly' welcomed
    Responding to reports that Google is planning to shut down Project Dra...
      Nov 28 2018 11:48am
      Israel: 'Rogue' cyber company must have licence revoked over surveillance spyware
      Amnesty International is taking legal advice in order to revoke the ex...
        Nov 23 2018 10:16am
        Trapped in the Gangs Matrix
        The Gangs Matrix is a racially biased database criminalising a generat...
          Nov 5 2018 4:47pm
          Why is Twitter still not acting when it receives reports of death threats?
          Rochelle Ritchie’s account of reporting abuse to Twitter will be famil...
          Aug 8 2018 3:00pm
          Meet NSO Group: a go-to company for human rights abusers
          Last month one of my colleagues at Amnesty International received a su...
            May 29 2018 5:10pm
            The way out of the Gangs Matrix crisis
            For veteran community campaigner Stafford Scott, our report on the Met...
              May 29 2018 1:54pm
              Scrap the Gangs Matrix
              In recent years, criminologist Becky Clarke’s work has highlighted ser...
                May 23 2018 4:50pm
                What is the Gangs Matrix?
                Launched by the Metropolitan Police in 2012, the Gangs Matrix is a dat...
                  Apr 10 2018 5:57pm
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