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Technology and Human Rights (71)
May 2 2024 9:51am
Indonesia: Murky network of spyware imports exposed - new report
Highly-invasive spyware imported using complex chain of global commerc...
Feb 19 2024 8:20pm
EU/Global: European Commission's investigation into TikTok over failing to protect children welcomed
In response to the European Commission’s decision to investigate TikTo...
Oct 30 2023 5:12pm
Ethiopia: Facebook algorithms contributed to human rights abuses against Tigrayans during conflict - New Report
Sixty-four-page report lays bare how Facebook’s algorithmic systems su...
Oct 9 2023 12:11pm
'Predator' spyware brazenly targeting journalists, politicians, civil society and academics - Major New Investigation
Amnesty has uncovered a highly-invasive spyware being used to gain acc...
Sep 5 2023 2:00pm
UK: 'Spy clause' in Online Safety Bill could lead to mass surveillance
UK Online Safety Bill enters final stages in House of Lords tomorrow (...
Aug 25 2023 6:59am
Myanmar: Meta must pay reparations to Rohingya people for role in ethnic cleansing
Call comes on sixth anniversary of mass violence against Rohingya by M...
Jun 14 2023 3:54pm
EU: Ban on 'abusive' surveillance welcomed but concern at omission of refugees and migrants in AI Act
Responding to a decision earlier today by the European Parliament to b...
Jun 5 2023 11:52am
Spyware: Fresh call for ban ahead of major summit in Costa Rica
Notorious Pegasus spyware just one form of highly-intrusive technology...
May 29 2023 11:07am
Meta: reparations for Myanmar's Rohingya must top tech giant's AGM
Various human rights shareholder resolutions filed ahead of Wednesday’...
Mar 29 2023 1:27pm
Tech: Amnesty uncovers new spyware attacks targeting Google Android
In December, Amnesty alerted Google’s Threat Analysis Group to counter...