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Slovenia (5)
May 26 2023 9:59pm
Global: Landmark treaty to deliver justice to victims of genocide and war crimes agreed
Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty agreed following negotiations between c...
Oct 28 2022 9:48am
Slovenia: Claims To Protester To Pay Costs Of Policing Withdrawn
Following the recent elections and the change of government in Sloveni...
Feb 23 2012 12:00am
Slovenia: 'Erased' residents must have rights restored, 20 years on
"One of the gravest human rights violations in independent Slovenia" -...
Mar 16 2011 12:12pm
Roma children grow up poor, dirty and sick in Slovenia
A new report (and video) just released from Amnesty shows how Roma peo...
Mar 16 2011 12:00am
Roma denied access to water and sanitation in Slovenia - new report
Roma communities in Slovenia are being denied proper access to adequat...