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Rwanda (35)
Jun 15 2022 9:59am
UK: Rwanda flight cancellation should have been moment 'cruel and disgraceful' policy was abandoned
In response to the cancellation of last night’s flight due to transpor...
Jun 13 2022 5:12pm
UK: Rwanda refugee flight is a 'shameful abandonment' of human rights responsibilities
Responding to news that the UK’s first flight of people seeking asylum...
Apr 14 2022 5:16pm
UK: Banishing people seeking asylum to Rwanda is 'appalling'
Responding to the announcement today (14 April) by Boris Johnson and P...
Apr 13 2022 10:20pm
UK: Government plan to send people seeking asylum to Rwanda is 'shockingly ill-conceived'
In response to the UK government’s plan to send people seeking asylum ...
Sep 20 2021 6:21pm
Rwanda: numerous fair trial concerns in Paul Rusesabagina case
Hotelier turned opposition politician given 25-year jail sentence  ...
Sep 14 2020 5:18pm
Rwanda: Paul Rusesabagina must be guaranteed a fair trial
Political activist best known for sheltering hundreds during 1994 geno...
Sep 24 2019 3:45pm
Rwanda: opposition politician stabbed to death in latest 'suspicious' attack
Syldio Dusabumuremyi murdered last night in ‘extremely alarming’ assau...
Apr 5 2019 12:17pm
Rwanda: world remembers victims of genocide on 25th anniversary
To mark the 25th anniversary of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, which wil...
Dec 6 2018 3:00pm
Rwanda: Diane Rwigara's acquittal should herald new era for freedom of expression
Responding to news that the High Court in Kigali has ruled to discharg...
Mar 26 2018 3:35pm
Israel: secret deal over deporting African migrants is reckless and illegal
After mass demonstration at weekend, Supreme Court to examine policy t...