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Rwanda (48)
Mar 18 2024 9:10pm
UK: House of Commons Rwanda vote is a 'shocking spectacle'
Commons overturns all of Lords’ amendments to controversial Safety of ...
Jan 18 2024 9:25am
UK: Rwanda Bill vote is 'bitterly disappointing'
In response to the Commons vote on the Rwanda Bill, Sacha Deshmukh, Am...
Jan 16 2024 9:46am
UK: MPs must vote against 'historically bad' Rwanda Bill
Amnesty International is strongly urging MPs to vote against the Gover...
Dec 5 2023 3:22pm
UK: Asylum treaty with Rwanda is a 'gross political fantasy'
In response to the Home Secretary visiting Rwanda to sign a new asylum...
Nov 15 2023 10:41am
UK: Government must now 'draw a line' under disgraceful Rwanda scheme
‘The Government should make policies which fit with the law, not fit t...
Jun 29 2023 10:41am
UK: Scrapping of Government's 'shameful' Rwanda scheme is welcome
In response to the Court of Appeal ruling that UK law does not permit ...
May 3 2023 11:23am
East/Southern Africa: journalists in Rwanda among those in region suffering repression
In Ethiopia, at least 29 journalists and media workers arrested last y...
Apr 14 2023 12:06pm
DR Congo: Authorities must investigate war crimes amid withdrawal of Rwandan-backed M23 rebels
In response to reports that the March 23 Movement (M23) armed group ha...
Mar 13 2023 12:35pm
FIFA Congress: letter demands action on Qatar workers' compensation
World football body meets in Rwanda this week with FAs set to demand c...
Mar 1 2023 4:40pm
FIFA Congress: English and Welsh FAs should push FIFA on Qatar workers' compensation fund
Norwegian FA has tabled human rights proposal ahead of FIFA’s meeting ...