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Police (125)
Jun 23 2021 3:02pm
Czech Republic: 'Reckless' use of knee restraint during Roma man's arrest must be investigated
‘The use of this unlawful technique is a brutal means of control and i...
    May 24 2021 12:18pm
    Northern Ireland: PSNI must end work with Israeli police and security services
    ‘Northern Ireland, and particularly our police service, must ensure it...
      May 20 2021 10:37pm
      USA: Biden's newly-signed hate crimes legislation is 'major step forward'
      COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act promises accountability for violence against ...
        May 7 2021 8:54am
        Brazil: Police massacre in Rio de Janeiro favela 'reprehensible'
        At least 25 people killed in Jacarezinho neighbourhood after police op...
          Apr 22 2021 11:54am
          Russia: mass arrests of Navalny supporters shows depth of human rights crisis
          Nearly 1,800 arrests yesterday on top of 11,000 earlier this year N...
            Apr 21 2021 7:14am
            USA: Conviction of Derek Chauvin a measure of accountability; Police reform still needed
            In response to Derek Chauvin being found guilty of murder in the death...
              Mar 14 2021 7:19pm
              UK: Met's action at Clapham a sharp reminder to MPs to resist temptation to give police more powers
              Responding to this weekend’s excessive clampdown on peaceful protests ...
                Mar 4 2021 8:28am
                Northern Ireland: Chief Constable criticised for spit hoods roll-out in defiance of policing board
                In 81% of cases, PSNI used spit hoods on people with disabilities S...
                  Feb 1 2021 12:01am
                  Global: Fresh evidence of police misuse of tear gas - updated investigative website
                  Ongoing tear gas misuse leading to protesters’ deaths and injuries ...
                    Jan 27 2021 12:01am
                    Belarus: Protesters tortured and 'mercilessly beaten' following post-election protests - New Report
                    More than 900 abuses by police logged, but not one criminal investigat...