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Urgent Action outcome: “National security” trials end in life sentences

Oman sentenced six defendants to life imprisonment after grossly unfair trials.

2nd update on UA 121/18 issued 12/03/2019

Urgent Action update: Shuhuh tribe members expect verdict in unfair trial in Oman

An Omani court expected to issue its verdict in the case of four detainees from the province of Musandam.

1st update on UA 121/18 issued 21/09/2018

Urgent Action: Five people held incommunicado in Oman

Since 6 April, Omani authorities have launched a series of arbitrary detentions of individuals from Musandam province.

UA 121/18 issued 21/06/2018

Urgent Action update: Journalists' sentences reduced, one aquitted in Oman

On 26 December, the Appeal Court in Muscat reduced the three-year prison sentences of two Azamn journalists, Ibrahim al-Maamari and Youssef al-Haj, to six and 12 months respectively.

4th update on UA 206/16 issued 11/01/2017

Urgent Action update: Journalists’ trial postponed to 12 December in Oman

The Appeal Court in Muscat postponed to 12 December its decision on the case of the three Azamn journalists, Ibrahim al-Maamari, Youssef al-Hajj and Zaher al-Abri.

3rd update on UA 206/16 issued 18/11/2016

Urgent Action update: Omani journalists released, next hearing date set

Azamn editor-in-chief Ibrahim al-Maamari and deputy editor-in-chief Youssef al-Haj were released on 10 October after the Appeal Court in Muscat reduced their bail. The next hearing in the case has been set for 7 November.

2nd update on UA 206/16 issued 12/10/2016

Urgent Action update: Azamn journalists sentenced to prison in Oman

An Omani court of first instance issued its verdict on 26 September against three journalists from the daily Azamn newspaper. Two of the journalists received three-year prison sentences and the third a one-year prison sentence.

1st update on UA 206/16 issued 28/09/2016

Urgent Action: Three Omani journalists on trial face jail

The trial of two detained Omani journalists in connection with articles they published alleging corruption in the judiciary, and a third journalist for his tweets, is ongoing.

UA 206/16 issued 07/09/2016

Urgent Action good news: Omani prisoner of conscience released

Omani prisoner of conscience Saeed Jaddad was released from prison on 26 August, having served nine months of a one-year prison sentence under Oman’s cybercrimes law for a blog he wrote in October 2014.

8th update on UA 318/14 issued 05/09/2016

Urgent Action good news: Omani writer released without charge

Omani writer, journalist and human rights activist Sulaiman al-Ma’mari was released without charge on 19 May, following 22 days detained in solitary confinement.

1st update on UA 107/16 issued 23/05/2016
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