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Niger (13)
Aug 1 2023 11:00am
Niger: New authorities must stop illegal detentions and arbitrary arrests
In response to the arrests of President Mohamed Bazoum, Interior Minis...
Sep 13 2021 5:48am
Niger: Children killed or forcibly recruited by armed Islamist groups in devastating conflict - New Report
Conflict raging at Niger’s borders with Mali and Burkina Faso Maske...
Jun 23 2020 10:48am
Niger: 100-day detention of three activists highlights increasing crackdown on dissenting voices
Human rights defenders languishing in jail for organising a protest to...
Jun 21 2019 1:07pm
Urgent Action update: Activist still held after release order issued
Activist Sadat Illiya Dan Malam continues to be detained after a judge...
Dec 18 2018 3:47pm
Urgent Action update: Activist cleared of charges, another awaiting trial
Activist Yahaya Badamassi has been released after he was cleared of al...
Oct 29 2018 3:54pm
Urgent Action update: Activists cleared of charges, two awaiting trial in Niger
Three activists, Ibrahim Diori, Maïkoul Zodi, and Karim Tanko were rel...
Apr 7 2014 1:10pm
FOI request reveals UK backed Shell and Rio Tinto in human rights court cases after corporate lobbying
The UK government backed the oil giant Shell and mining multinational ...