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Dec 18 2018 3:47pm
Urgent Action update: Activist cleared of charges, another awaiting trial
Activist Yahaya Badamassi has been released after he was cleared of al...
    Oct 29 2018 3:54pm
    Urgent Action update: Activists cleared of charges, two awaiting trial in Niger
    Three activists, Ibrahim Diori, Maïkoul Zodi, and Karim Tanko were rel...
      Apr 7 2014 1:10pm
      FOI request reveals UK backed Shell and Rio Tinto in human rights court cases after corporate lobbying
      The UK government backed the oil giant Shell and mining multinational ...
        Nov 10 2011 12:00am
        Report also highlights damaging impact of changes to UK Legal Aid Bill...
          Oct 29 2008 10:08pm
          Hope for slaves in west Africa
          Hope for slaves in west Africa after a landmark ruling says a recent G...
          Apr 8 2008 12:00am
          Niger: Unlawful killings, torture and forced disappearances of civilians follow army reprisals
          Amnesty International has expressed concern at the new wave of unlawfu...