Lebanon (21)
Jun 17 2019 4:59am
USA: refugees in Lebanon and Jordan still trapped in limbo by Trump's travel ban - new report
Nearly 50 people speak of their predicament, including Syrian family w...
    May 29 2019 3:15pm
    Lebanon: ban on gay dating app Grindr condemned
    Telecommunications Ministry confirms to Amnesty that ban has been enfo...
      Apr 24 2019 12:00am
      Lebanon: migrant domestic workers subjected to exploitation and abuse - new report
      Women reported being called ‘donkey’, ‘bitch’ and ‘animal’ - others co...
        May 17 2018 11:44am
        Lebanon: 'outrageous' crackdown on Beirut Pride condemned
        Director of Beirut Pride Week detained and interrogated for ‘encouragi...
          Jul 18 2017 5:49pm
          Lebanon: thousands at risk as prime minister announces Arsal security operation
          Town is home to 100,000 Syrian refugees Responding to a statement b...
            Feb 4 2016 6:32pm
            Between a rock and a hard place: refugee women from Syria seeking a safe place
            By Liz McKean, Amnesty International UK's Programme Director for W...
            Feb 2 2016 12:00am
            Lebanon: refugee women from Syria face exploitation and sexual harassment - new report
            UK should open up family reunion opportunities under immigration ru...
              Jan 7 2016 12:39pm
              Human rights news of the week - 7 January
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              Sep 4 2015 2:40pm
              Human rights news of the week - 4 September
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              Dec 1 2014 12:41pm
              No room at the inn for Syria's refugees
              It’s less than a month until Christmas but it looks like there’s no ro...