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Home Office (16)
Apr 27 2021 12:55pm
UK: Home Office making people homeless 'is cruel and must stop'
In response to the Home Office making the decision to begin the proces...
    Apr 7 2021 3:30pm
    UK: Home Office forcing more people to live in 'squalor and inhumane conditions' at Napier Barracks
    In response to the news that the Home Office will send more asylum see...
      Mar 24 2021 9:49am
      UK: New immigration plan is a 'false pretence of fundamental change'
      In response to the Home Office’s new immigration plan announced today,...
        Mar 18 2021 1:49pm
        UK: Home Office's offshore refugees plan is 'utterly reckless'
        Responding to reports that the Home Secretary is considering sending p...
          Feb 17 2021 9:41am
          Home Office: new plan; same old policies
          Yesterday the Home Office published plans for new legislation and othe...
            Dec 1 2020 10:59am
            UK: New immigration rules targeting rough sleepers 'cruel and inhumane'
            Amnesty International has condemned powers within new immigration rule...
              Nov 28 2020 7:04pm
              UK: Doubling officers on French beaches to discourage migrant Channel crossings a 'reckless and blinkered' approach
              Home secretary announced the number of officers patrolling beaches wil...
                Oct 4 2020 4:07pm
                UK: Priti Patel delivers 'shameless and nonsensical' promises to reform asylum system
                Responding to the Home Secretary’s speech at the Conservative Party Co...
                  Oct 1 2020 11:55am
                  UK: Offshore asylum processing proposal 'entirely inhumane'
                  ‘For too long the Home Office has done its worst business behind close...
                    Aug 19 2020 12:15pm
                    Channel crossings: Death of 16-year-old must see Governments on both sides take responsibility
                    Responding to reports that a 16-year-old Sudanese boy has drowned in t...