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Home Office (50)
May 26 2022 3:08pm
UK: Home Office introduce citizenship fee waiver after 'years of raking in millions of pounds'
Home Office will stop profiting from those who cannot afford the child...
May 26 2022 12:17pm
UK: Priti Patel accused of 'disastrous leadership' as asylum backlog increases again
New 2022 Q1 immigration figures show backlog of asylum claims awaiting...
Apr 28 2022 5:30pm
UK: New policing and asylum laws mark 'deeply sad day' for human rights
Highly controversial new laws given royal assent today ‘These oppre...
Apr 27 2022 7:36pm
UK: Priti Patel's racist Nationality and Borders Bill 'drags the UK's reputation through the mud'
Nationality and Borders Bill passed today The Bill will create sign...
Apr 13 2022 10:20pm
UK: Government plan to send people seeking asylum to Rwanda is 'shockingly ill-conceived'
In response to the UK government’s plan to send people seeking asylum ...
Apr 5 2022 8:46am
UK: Government must recognise defeats in Lords means borders bill is 'unworkable'
In response to the Nationality and Borders Bill once again being rejec...
Mar 22 2022 12:10pm
Poland: Refugees face chaos, racism and risk of trafficking after fleeing Ukraine - new research
Recent mission to border found evidence of chaotic and racist response...
Mar 10 2022 12:05pm
UK: Anything less than a full visa waiver for Ukrainian refugees should be 'binned'
New scheme to enter the UK is still extremely narrow Only those wi...
Mar 8 2022 5:27pm
UK: Letter to PM criticises 'lacklustre' UK response to Ukrainian refugee crisis
More than two million people from Ukraine have already fled Russian in...
Mar 7 2022 1:29pm
UK: Government's response to Ukraine refugee crisis is 'botched'
In response to the UK government’s approach to Ukrainian refugees, Ste...