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Georgia (17)
Apr 16 2024 5:30pm
Georgia: Government must immediately stop repressive legislation targeting civil society
In response to news that the Georgian parliament made the first steps ...
Mar 9 2023 6:04pm
Georgia: Protesters showed 'great courage' to object to the repressive foreign agents bill
Security forces used water cannons, tear gas and stun grenades to disp...
Mar 2 2023 11:23am
Georgia: Mikheil Saakashvili's prison sentence 'should not mean a death sentence'
Former president denied medical care, putting him at grave risk of dea...
Jun 21 2019 4:13pm
Georgia: 'Heavy-handed' police response must be investigated
Numerous injured, including at least 31 journalists Amnesty Intern...
Aug 5 2010 12:00am
Georgian government must secure future for displaced, says new Amnesty report
The Georgian authorities must do more than the bare minimum to provide...
Aug 7 2009 12:00am
Georgia-Russia war: One year on thousands still can't go home-New report
Fresh call for war crimes investigationExactly one year on from the ou...
Nov 18 2008 12:27pm
Georgia/Russia: an inspector should call
What were you doing on Friday 8 August? As it happens, I can remember...