Freedom of expression (731)
Nov 20 2018 4:16pm
Urgent action update: Students’ trial ongoing, despite apology to Erdoğan
Four students from the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) in Turk...
Nov 16 2018 6:25pm
Open letter on the UK's 'Prevent' counter-terrorism strategy
The government's Prevent strategy - which forms one strand of the gove...
Nov 6 2018 11:55am
Urgent Action update: Ongoing punishment for prisoner of conscience in Vietnam
Human rights defender Trần Thị Nga is being punished by prison authori...
Oct 30 2018 2:52pm
UAE: Matthew Hedges' bail release welcomed, but fair trial fears remain
‘Matthew wouldn’t be the first person to be arrested in the UAE on bas...
Oct 29 2018 3:54pm
Urgent Action update: Activists cleared of charges, two awaiting trial in Niger
Three activists, Ibrahim Diori, Maïkoul Zodi, and Karim Tanko were rel...
Oct 29 2018 3:54pm
Protect Amnesty India
Oct 22 2018 3:44pm
Urgent Action: Farm workers in Indonesia face imprisonment for insulting flag
Two farm workers, Sawin and Sukma, were arrested and detained by the p...
Oct 16 2018 2:46pm
UAE: Matthew Hedges must be released if 'spying' charge relates only to academic research
‘This is what we and his family feared’ - Polly Truscott  Respondin...
Oct 16 2018 12:08pm
Urgent Action update: Whereabouts of human rights lawyer unknown in Egypt
Ezzat Ghoniem, a human rights defender and co-founder and director of ...