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Congo People's Republic (12)
Apr 18 2016 1:50pm
Congo-Brazzaville: bombs dropped in residential areas including schools likely act of retaliation
30 bombs dropped on residential areas according to eyewitnesses...
    Feb 27 2016 10:45pm
    Republic of Congo refuses entry to Amnesty expert ahead of next month's elections
    The Republic of Congo’s refusal of entry to an Amnesty International r...
      Apr 25 2013 12:00am
      Republic of Congo: Teachers arrested in peaceful strike must be released
      Authorities in the Republic of Congo must immediately release two teac...
        May 17 2012 5:00pm
        Are you up in arms yet? The countdown is on
          As the red-tops are reminding us daily, we have...
        Jul 30 2011 8:03pm
        Join the founder of Run for Congo
        Dear reader Run alongside Lisa Shannon, founder of Run for Congo Wome...
        Dec 15 2009 10:28am
        UN action needed to protect civilians in eastern Congo
        Human Rights Watch has issued a report saying that the United Nations ...
        Jan 26 2009 3:49pm
        Lubanga in the docks
        "They cannot forget the beatings they suffered, they cannot forget the...