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Bangladesh (88)
Oct 18 2021 6:04pm
Bangladesh: Wave of anti-Hindu attacks must be fully investigated by authorities
Seven people killed and hundreds injured in clashes that broke out acr...
Dec 3 2020 10:15am
Bangladesh: Halt relocation of Rohingya refugees to remote island immediately
In response to the relocation of hundreds of Rohingya refugees to the ...
Nov 20 2020 12:10pm
Bangladesh: Plan to relocate hundreds of Rohingya to remote island must be dropped
Bay of Bengal silt island not declared safe for human habitation R...
Oct 9 2020 1:04pm
Bangladesh: authorities must protect Rohingya refugees from gang violence
Violent clashes have broken out between gangs over the trade of drugs ...
Apr 6 2020 12:01am
Bangladesh: Flaws in COVID-19 response put older Rohingya refugees in imminent danger
Older refugees are both the most at risk from the pandemic and the lea...
Mar 13 2020 2:22pm
Bangladesh: Man faces 7 years in jail for Facebook post about Indian Prime Minister
Emdadul Haque Milon was arrested for a post expressing concern about t...
Feb 24 2020 9:02am
Singer arrested for hurting religious sentiment
Bangladeshi folk singer, Shariat Boyati, has been arrested under the d...
Dec 14 2019 12:01am
Bangladesh: Estimated 500,000 Rohingya children being denied an education
The international community must share responsibility for the educatio...
Nov 3 2019 6:00pm
Bangladesh: hundreds killed in 'war on drugs' - new report
More than one killing a day in past 18 months, with people typically ‘...
Aug 29 2019 12:01am
Fears for 'a lost generation' of Rohingya children in Bangladesh - new briefing
Two years after a brutal ethnic cleansing campaign forced around 700,0...