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Armed Conflict and War (45)
Sep 13 2021 5:48am
Niger: Children killed or forcibly recruited by armed Islamist groups in devastating conflict - New Report
Conflict raging at Niger’s borders with Mali and Burkina Faso Maske...
    Aug 19 2021 10:49pm
    Afghanistan: Taliban responsible for brutal massacre of Hazara men - new investigation
    Killings occurred after Taliban took control of Ghazni province last m...
      Aug 16 2021 3:36pm
      UK must urgently expand 'grossly flawed and utterly inadequate' relocation scheme for Afghanistan
      Escalating disaster in Afghanistan is exposing the lie behind the Home...
        Aug 11 2021 7:16am
        Ethiopia: Troops and militia rape, mutilate and abduct women and girls in Tigray conflict - New Report
        Forces aligned to Ethiopian government subjected hundreds of women and...
          Jul 16 2021 11:31am
          Ethiopia: Authorities must release Tigrayans, activists and journalists - and reveal whereabouts of unaccounted detainees
          Arrests seem ethnically motivated and while some people released on ba...
            Jul 14 2021 2:24pm
            Northern Ireland: Statute of limitations is 'unacceptable betrayal' of victims
            Westminster government’s proposal for dealing with the past in Norther...
              Jul 13 2021 6:57pm
              Afghanistan: Reprehensible execution of surrendering soldiers is a 'war crime'
              According to CNN, the footage was taken last month in the town of Dawl...
                Dec 7 2020 5:11pm
                Somalia: US must not abandon civilian victims of its air strikes after troop withdrawal
                Amnesty warns troop withdrawal does not necessarily mean end to milita...
                  Nov 18 2020 12:03pm
                  5 things you need to know about the Overseas Operations Bill
                  You may have heard that the government is attempting to pass a Bill th...
                  Nov 29 2018 12:31pm
                  Thank you for demanding justice for Syrians killed by US-led coalition
                    Thanks so much to all those who took action demanding justice...