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Hugh Sandeman 

Knowledge and experience

Key expertise I aim to contribute:

• Proven capability in general organisational management and development of civil society capacity

• Deep knowledge and direct experience of operation and responsibilities of boards

• Longstanding professional experience of developing and monitoring organisation strategy

I can bring all essential skills, including:

• Deep commitment to and knowledge of AIUK

• Ability to work in diverse teams 

• Strong communication and persuasive ability, including chairing and public speaking (assisted by 10 years in journalism)

• Maintaining judgement, independence, and equilibrium under pressure

• Strategic thinking and problem solving

• Numeracy and understanding of finance (based on 30 years in corporate finance and four corporate board roles)

Amnesty membership and experience

I have been an active member of AIUK, and of the Kingston Amnesty Group, since 1999; a country coordinator (Algeria, then Libya, then Egypt) since 2009; and Vice Chair then Chair of the Country Coordinators Forum (2012-2016). I have met with and given talks to approximately 40 local groups within AIUK, and just became a schools speaker.  My central objective is to make Amnesty campaigning more effective by making more connections between people and organisations inside and outside Amnesty – for example, working with Kingston University Design School to bring campaigning innovations to the AGM.

Election manifesto

I am standing for election to the Board because I want to apply my experience to maintaining the balance between the values of Amnesty as a member-driven organisation, and the demands of good governance, that characterise the Amnesty Board.  I understand and identify with the values of Amnesty, and the requirements of organisational governance, based on many years of experience of both.  Although the roles of activist and board member are distinct, both are essential in ensuring that Amnesty remains an exemplary civil society organisation. 

Hugh is a nominee for an Unreserved seat on the Board. 

Daren Nair

Knowledge and experience

I have 10 years’ experience in cyber security and privacy working for KPMG, Deloitte and Verizon specialising in governance, risk and compliance. I’ve worked on organisations in 23 countries including Amnesty International Secretariat and the British Red Cross and now run my own consultancy company. I’ve established and managed business functions, developed strategies and processes, managed teams, monitored and reported on performance to senior management.  

As Chair and Communications Officer of the Tower Hamlets Amnesty group, member of Unicef Children’s Champions Network and London fundraising group as well as Greenpeace’s Political Lobbying Network, I have significant experience in front-line activism.  

Amnesty membership and experience

I joined Amnesty in June 2014, was an active member on the Children’s Human Rights Network and then joined the Tower Hamlets local Amnesty group which I am now the Chair and Communications Officer. Working with group members, I organised demonstrations, fundraising events and increased our membership. I’ve made Tower Hamlets one of the most visible local Amnesty groups online. I’ve been campaigning for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and Kamal Foroughi closely with their families, writing blogs for Amnesty, attending protests, raising their cases in person with 3 local MPs, getting articles published in local news and campaigning on social media.

Election manifesto

Our volunteer activists help make Amnesty International the world’s leading human rights organisation. I am running for the Board to ensure better support for our volunteer activists working with local politicians, local news, online campaigning as well as those without Internet access.  

I am a cyber security and privacy specialist, both skillsets currently lacking on the Board. Amnesty has been hacked in recent years and is planning on hybrid attendance at the AGM where members can vote from home over the Internet.  

Please allow me the honour to serve you on the Board and help keep Amnesty safe. 

Daren is a nominee for a Local Group Reserved seat and an Unreserved seat on the Board.

Santiago Argelich Hesse

Knowledge and experience

Professionally, my 20+-year career has unfolded at the forefront of the digital and mobile revolution, first as a partner of a strategy consulting firm and later as an executive of an international telecom group. Today, I hold Non-Executive Director positions in two telecom companies.

I have been an executive and non-executive director for almost a decade, developing progressively my expertise in governance and executive-level recruitment and development (role 3). This specific expertise has led to my appointment as Chairman of the Remuneration and Nominations Committees of the two boards I am involved in.

Amnesty membership and experience

I moved to the UK two years ago and became in June 2017 a member of AI UK joining the Watford local group. My activity at AI UK consisted in attending local activities and public meetings.

During my previous corporate life, I actively led actions linked to professional diversity & inclusion, anti- corruption campaigning and data for good, but with an imposed low-profile due to the restrictions of my executive contracts.

Election manifesto

As someone who has built a career in some 35 countries, I’ve developed a uniquely international perspective and an ability to build bridges between cultures―with fluency in five languages (German, Spanish, Catalan, French and English).

My international assignments have often been in extreme sociopolitical environments, putting me several times in the front line of terrorism, war and revolution situations like in Ukraine, Egypt, Algeria, Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo among others.

Today, being an independent professional, I believe that I can contribute more actively to the defence of human rights with my expertise in areas like strategy, corporate governance, organization, leadership development and new technologies, which fit well with the skills that AI UK is searching for the new term of the Board.

Santiago is a nominee for a Local Group Reserved seat and an Unreserved seat on the Board. 

Anthony Greenwood

Knowledge and experience

Educated University of Sheffield - Criminology and Sociology, joined the Police, serving in five forces, principally in the Criminal Investigation Department and as Head of the Administration of Justice, finally Superintendent and Deputy Head, Force Operations Leicestershire and Rutland Constabulary. Sixteen Commendations, three bravery awards from HM Judges, Coroners, Chief Constables, public authorities and communities. 

A self-made entrepreneur, forming, owning and acquiring companies within the fields of Facilities Management and Telecommunications, all later acquired by renowned American conglomerate and PLCs. Freeman of the City of London, Honoured Citizen of the City of Leicester, presently an elected member Blaby District Council, formerly Deputy Leader and successful Portfolio Holder for Economic Development, Planning, Housing Strategy and Enforcement. 

A former member Leicestershire and Rutland Counties first ever Police and Crime Panel. Appointed by the National College of Teaching and Leadership Professional Standards Board also appointed as an Independent Monitoring Board member for HM Prisons. Member and Non- Executive Director / Trustee of six distinct Education Academy Trust Boards situated in the North, East Sussex, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, East and West Midlands.Chair of the George Salter Academy, West Bromwich, IEB appointed. 

Non-Executive Director Royal Air Force SAA at Bisley, and one of only three Founder members of the Police Officer Firearms Association of the United Kingdom. Also a Management Consultant, specialising in Governance, HR, Risk, Audit, Finance, Safeguarding, Misconduct Investigations, contracting to Local Authorities, Parish Councils and Trust Boards.

Amnesty membership and experience

June 2017

Election manifesto

I always attempt to make a difference, pursuing justice for all – irrespective of class, colour or creed. My view of the population is that equality and diversity whether in employment, religion, culture or sports forms the backbone in communities emphasizing that we must acknowledge and accept that impartial justice, in all respects, should be our aim and objective, with success being our goal.

Anthony is a nominee for an Unreserved seat on the Board.

Candidates elected unopposed to Network Reserved seats

Sen Raj

Knowledge and experience

I’m a Lecturer in Law at Keele University with strong skills in impact evaluation, monitoring, and learning. I currently research human rights and monitor/evaluate human rights impact in consultation with the communities that I work with. In 2011, I worked to deliver a human rights education and consultation programme with LGBTI communities in Sydney that included developing tools for using/monitoring/evaluating the learning outcomes. With my legal training, I have extensive knowledge of good governance practices. I also have significant experience helping to lead an Amnesty section having served on the Amnesty International Australia Board and a number of its subcommittees.

Amnesty membership and experience

I have been involved with Amnesty International for a decade. My involvement began when I started convening my local group (at the University of Sydney) and completed an internship with Amnesty International Australia’s (AIA) Refugee Casework Team in 2008. Since then, I have served in a number of national and international activism/governance roles: AIA LGBTI spokesperson, chair of AIA’s Diversity Steering Committee, AIA board member, and an Australian delegate to the International Council Meeting in 2013 and 2015. When I moved to Keele last year, I joined Amnesty UK and currently serve as a committee member of the LGBTI Network.

Election manifesto

Amnesty International is a grassroots movement and I believe that human rights activism and organisational governance are intimately connected. My commitment to developing human rights impact coupled with my extensive experience of Amnesty governance (including beyond the UK) will offer fresh perspectives to the current Amnesty UK Board and complement the range of knowledge/skills on it. As someone who is connected to a number of minority communities, I am particularly passionate about engaging with our thriving thematic networks to strengthen existing governance processes and to reach out to new communities to diversify the human rights impact of Amnesty UK’s activism.

Sen is elected unopposed to a Network Reserved seat on the Board. 

Tom Harrison

Knowledge and Experience 

Trade union executive level governance for 30 years. Development Consultant for 5 years.

Amnesty membership and experience

Having joined Amnesty in the late 1990’s following my own union’s affiliation I volunteered to attend the Trade Union Network Conference to find out what Amnesty actually did. That was my baptism into AIUK and resulted in an Amnesty speaker attending our next conference to promote the Stop The Arms Trade campaign. Since then we’ve had Amnesty speakers at 5 of our conferences.

Since those early days I’ve attended many national Conferences/AGMs as a delegate. At AGMs and Special GMs I’ve had the opportunity to Chair and act as recorder at Working Parties as well as acting as a Teller in the voting process. 

Having followed their work since joining AIUK, in the last few years I’ve also become a member of the Trade Union Network Committee.

For many years now, through my union, Accord, I have actively promoted the campaigns of Amnesty within the Trade Union movement, specifically taking motions to the Trades Union Congress, speaking on them and securing trade union support. These activities eventually lead to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between AIUK and the TUC in 2009.

Election Manifesto

After 30 years of involvement in a governance role within my union, having been elected President on 3 occasions, having represented the union internationally at European and global level through Union Network International and having worked with Amnesty over the years bringing them closer to the trade unions I feel I’m ready for the next step.

I see this opportunity as a step on my governance development journey, but more importantly I want to do more to promote the interrelated values of Amnesty and trade unions and how they can help and support each other to move forward the human rights agenda.

Tom is elected unopposed to a Network Reserved seat on the Board.