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Myanmar crisis appeal

Right now, thousands of Rohingya people are trying to escape the horrific violence in Myanmar. Entire villages have been burnt to the ground by security forces. People are being shot as they flee. Shockingly, the Myanmar military claim these forces have not committed any human rights violations. But the ethnic cleansing continues. Will you help expose the truth?

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Amnesty International is on the ground gathering witness testimonies. No media or humanitarian agencies are being allowed into Myanmar, so we’re using satellite images to show the devastation from the air.  We can’t stop until the violence ends. Will you help gather this vital evidence to hold Myanmar’s authorities to account?

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£3 could pay for campaigning materials to pressure governments to act now and save lives

£5 could help pay for satellite imagery to provide evidence of human rights abuses

£8 could help to pay for our investigators on the ground to collect witness testimonies

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