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Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill

This page contains Amnesty International UK briefings on this Bill and its passage through Parliament:


House of Lords Third Reading, 12 March 2024

Statement on Third Reading


House of Lords Report, 4 & 6 March 2024

Briefing for House of Lords Report

Gambling with lives: How a bad policy has wrecked the UK asylum system, February 2024 - Amnesty International UK policy briefing 


House of Lords Committee, 12, 14 & 19 February 2024

Briefing for House of Lords Committeejointly with Immigration Law Practitioners' Association (ILPA), Liberty and JUSTICE

Short briefing on asylum policy that has led to this Bill

Briefing on Amendments 10, 22, 37 & 42 (Lord German and Lord Scriven) on Parliament's constitutional role and the significance of evidence to the rule of law

Briefing on Amendments 8 & 72 (Lord Blunkett & others) on off-shore processing


House of Lords Second Reading, 29 January 2024

Second Reading Briefing


House of Commons Committee (and all remaining stages), 16-17 January 2024

Committee Stage Briefing


Further Analysis and Submissions 

Amnesty International UK submission to Joint Committee on Human Rights, January 2024

Amnesty International UK submission to International Agreements Committee, December 2023

Amnesty International UK analysis of the Bill, December 2023


House of Commons Second Reading, 12 December 2023

Second Reading Briefing