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Outcome: Domoina Ranabosoa still faces charges

Domoina Ranabosoa currently faces charges of ‘corruption of minors under the age of 21’, accused of having same-sex relations with her 19-year old girlfriend. The laws which have led to this charge discriminate against LGBTI people. We are stopping this Urgent Action at the request of her family who no longer want any public attention on her case.




On 10 March, 33-year-old Domoina Ranabosoa was held in pre-trial detention in Antanimora Prison in Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital city. On 7 April, her request for temporary release was approved and she was finally able to unite with her family. However, the charges against her of ‘corruption of minors under 21 years old’ still stand. She is accused of having a (consensual) relationship with her 19-year old girlfriend, Fyh. In Madagascar, the criminal code in its Article 331 punishes with up to five years imprisonment ‘anyone who has committed an indecent or unnatural act with a minor of their own sex, less than 21 years old’. Initially scheduled for 10 April, her trial was postponed to 8 May, before being postponed again, to 12 June. There is a risk it may be postponed again, because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the functioning of the courts.

Homophobia remains very prevalent in Madagascar. We are stopping this Urgent Action at the request of her family who no longer want any public attention on her case. 

The Urgent Action has had an important impact, as it has showed the Malagasy activists fighting against this discrimination that Amnesty International supporters around the world support them. It has also put pressure on the government to take action to repeal this discriminatory law. 

Domoina Ranabosoa has expressed her extreme gratitude for the support of Amnesty International: ‘I am so impressed about the numbers of signatures received for my case. Please thank all those who have supported me, I am really sorry we cannot go further. But I hope we will win the trial.’

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