March 2014 student activity pack - Women's Rights in Afghanistan

This month we are focusing on women's rights in Afghanistan, ensuring women human rights defenders receive the support and protection they need.

Your support is crucial and we have lots of actions for you to get involved with including:

  • Hold a reading event of Even if we lose our lives - the moving stories of Afghan
  • women working for human rights
  • Photo action in support of women on the front line
  • Meet your MP

It has been over ten years since the Taliban regime was overthrown in Afghanistan. Since then, there have been some improvements in the situation for women who had been particularly badly treated by the Taliban. However, since 2005 the Taliban have increased  their violent rebellion against the Afghan government. There is a real worry that in attempts to make peace with the Taliban, women’s rights might be sacrificed.

2014 will see the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan. There is considerable pressure to reach a political solution to the conflict which may involve negotiating with the Taliban. 

Afghan women fear that this could lead to their rights being sacrificed.

There are already signs that the progress made on women’s rights is at risk. There have been attempts to change the number of women on local councils. There have also been attacks on nine high-profile women in the last year, including the murder of four policewomen. These attacks have happened without investigation or anyone being punished.

Download the briefing below for more information and everything you need to take action.

Afghan women student briefing - March 2014
Appendix 1 - putting on a play
Appendix 2 - script
Appendix 3 - placards
Appendix 4 - briefing for meeting MPs