March 2014 activity pack - Syria

The third anniversary of the Syria conflict will act as a grim reminder to the world of its failure to stop the suffering. As the world’s media once again reflects on the crisis at this time, we need to make sure that we use the opportunity to demonstrate to world leaders that they need to do more to help the people of Syria. In 2014, with more than 130,000 killed in the conflict, and 300 people fleeing their homes every hour, the need for a powerful campaign is greater than ever before.

To this end Amnesty International is part of a global coalition of NGOs and civil society who have created a joint campaign to mark the anniversary with a demonstration of solidarity with ordinary Syrian people. These actions will then culminate in candle-lit/light based vigils attended by thousands of people across the world around major global landmarks on 13 March 2014. The coalition of NGO and civil society partners around the world will be mobilising their members from the beginning of March through to the 15 March 2014, the third anniversary of the uprising, to demand that world leaders help all those caught in the conflict. Actions can and will take place after 15 March 2014 of course.

The aim is to demonstrate global solidarity with children, men and women struggling each day to survive the Syria conflict and improved access for the civilian population of Syria to basic necessities, including food, medical aid and fuel.

Find out everything you need to know in the downloads below.

Syria monthly action - March 2014
Syria template press release - March 2014
Syria letters - March 2014