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International Issues News 34 (Nov 2013): The global fundraising strategy

International Issues News aims to provide Amnesty members with information on the movements international dimensions. It comprises concise summaries of longer documents hoping to engage members worldwide with emerging campaigning, strategic and policy issues.

Initiated some years back, the present editorial team comprises Amnesty activists from the UK, USA, France and Spain. The original intention remains the same: to make these issues digestible and accessible to Amnesty members worldwide.

Editorial team

Hilary Naylor (Amnesty USA): a 20+ year member of Amnesty USA who has served on the Board of Directors, as a Country Coordinator, and Trainer.

Peter Pack (Amnesty UK): chaired the International Executive Committee 2007-11. He previously chaired Amnesty's mandate and human rights policy committees 1999-2007 and helped to run the Amnesty International Training Network 1991-95.

Jane Salmonson (Amnesty UK): an Amnesty member for 25 years, currently serving on the Amnesty UK International Issues subcommittee. She is the Overseas Development Co-ordinator for L'Arche, previously Executive Director of an international NGO specialising in humanitarian work in countries emerging from war.  

French translation by Mireille Boisson (Amnesty France)

Spanish translation by Fernando Varas (Amnesty Spain) Ferran Nogueroles  (Amnesty UK)

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International Issues News 34 (Nov 2013): The global fundraising strategy