Group monthly action - April 2013

Over 10 million Roma live across Europe - six million of them within the EU. They are the largest and one of the most disadvantaged minorities in the region. Discrimination over the centuries has pushed the great majority of Roma to the very margins of society - and it keeps them there.

We are therefore calling on the President of the European Commission to show leadership and enforce compliance of member states within the EU to its own anti-discrimination law and human rights standards.

What you can do

Roma Petition: publicise the attached petition in your local area. Get as many signatures as you can and make sure you send it back to the UK Office at above address by FRIDAY 21 JUNE 2013 in time for the handover.

Film screening: we have a list of potential films that illustrate AI's concerns and present and Roma in an empathetic and humanising way. If interested, please contact

Do something creative! Maybe you can get people to sign a Roma "wheel". We have attached a
template for this.

Full action instructions
Background information
Roma petition
Roma wheel