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Examples of people who have used the Human Rights Act

  • Winning an inquiry into the Hillsborough football disaster
  • Allowing older couples to stay together
  • Justice for a murdered mother
  • John Worboys’ victims challenge police failure to investigate
  • Equal rights for unmarried couples
  • Protecting serving soldiers
  • Right to marry regardless of religious beliefs
  • Challenging racist violence in prisons
  • Helping ensure funerals accord with beliefs
  • Proper responsibility for the Spycops Scandal
  • Challenging modern-day slavery and trafficking
  • Ensuring proper care from the NHS
  • Abortion rights in Northern Ireland
  • Winning dignified care provision
  • Protecting a person with Asperger syndrome from extradition
  • Protecting privacy of innocent people
  • Helping parents care for their children
  • Winning equal housing rights for same-sex couples
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