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Educator Resource: Individual at Risk Case Sheets

This resource supports educators to take action with students for an individual at risk of having their human rights violated. Each action sheet focuses on the case of one individual at risk and can be used as part of workshop or lesson.

Amnesty Speakers may also provide the action sheets as a follow-up resource to schools along with The Power of the Pen literacy resource.

The cover sheet includes a freepost address. Actions received with a cover sheet will be forwarded to the relevant individual and/or target authority and a thank you letter will be sent to the school.

Ali Ozdemir (updated September 2017)

Human rights topic: Refugee rights
Country: Turkey

Ali Ozdemir - case sheet
Ali Ozdemir - cover sheet

Aged just fourteen years old, Ali was shot when trying to cross from Syria into Turkey. Tragically, this caused him to lose his sight, and he remains traumatised by the event. Help us to demand that those responsible for harming and drastically altering this young boy’s life are brought to justice.

Itai Dzamara (updated September 2017)

Human rights topic: Individuals at risk / freedom of speech
Country: Zimbabwe

Itai Dzamara - case sheet
Itai Dzamara - cover sheet

Itai Dzmara is a journalist in Zimbabwe who was suddenly arrested in 2015 – there has been no news of his whereabouts since or any investigation into his disappearance. Itai stood up to President Mugabe and his followers, and dreamed of a free and democratic Zimbabwe.

Kalpana Chakma (updated September 2017)

Human rights topic: Indigenous rights
Country: Bangladesh

Kalpana Chakma - case sheet
Kalpana Chakma - cover sheet

The indigenous Pahari people in Bangladesh lost the right to their traditional lands, which was then given back to them 15 years ago – although in reality they are still waiting for this to happen. Kalpana Chakma campaigned for these rights, and in 1996 was kidnapped. There has still not been an adequate investigation into her disappearance, despite her kidnappers being identified.

Action Sheet - Ali Ozdemir (updated September 2017)
Action Sheet - Itai Dzamara (updated September 2017)
Action Sheet - Kalpana Chakma (updated September 2017)
Action Sheet - Mohammed al-Roken
Action Sheet - Alfreda Disbarro
Action Sheet - Liu Ping
Actions Cover Sheet