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Celebrate Human Rights Defenders and every day bravery

Day in day out ordinary people around the world carry out extraordinary things to stand up for the rights of themselves and others.

Human Rights Defenders are everyday superheroes – they don’t fly or wear capes but to do their work they show bravery and courage every day.

They are the people who stand up for justice and equality and against bullying and racism around the world.

Over the next few months we’re stepping up our call to action on the UK Government to improve support to Human Rights Defenders around the world to make sure that they are safe and protected to carry out their important work and activism.

We are calling on MPs to raise in Parliament the unprecedented increase in attacks on Human Rights Defenders around the world and to write to the Foreign Secretary asking him to prioritise support for defenders.

We want to celebrate the everyday bravery of people around the world standing up for human rights to help build a more just and fairer world.  We’re launching a new campaign action to push this call and action linking to the world of Marvel in which a more diverse range of super powers are now changing the world.

Your group can help get our message out to MPs and the general public. Organise a stunt or creative competition on campus, invite your local media and show that you support human rights defenders wherever they face intimidation or attacks.

Download our briefing and media handbook below



Media handbook
Celebrate Human Rights Defenders briefing
Placards to download