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Amnesty International UK - Human Rights Concerns in Qatar 2022

• Curtailment of freedom of expression increased in the run-up to FIFA World Cup 2022.

• Women and LGBTI people continue to face discrimination in law and practice.

• The death penalty remains retained in law.

• Despite government reforms, migrant workers continue to face labour abuses and struggle to change jobs freely. 

Amnesty International is calling on the UK government to address human rights concerns in Qatar, by pressing the Qatari Authorities to:

➢ Quash the sentences and grant the immediate release of Abdullah Ibhais, and brothers Hazza and Rashed bin Ali Abu Shurayda al-Marri.

➢ Tackle discrimination against women through investigation and accountability mechanisms.

➢ Repeal appalling anti-LGBT laws, ensuring in the meantime that all LGBT people residents or visitors have their rights fully protected, both now and after the World Cup.

Amnesty International UK Briefing - Human Rights in Qatar - November 2022.pdf