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AGM decisions 2013

At the 2013 AGM the following resolutions were carried:

Chittagong Hill Tracts (Bangladesh)

British UAVs (Drones)

Improving the Rights of Migrant Workers

Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia

Disability and Human Rights

Reporting on AGM Decisions

AIUK Finances

Board support for specific 2013 ICM resolutions

Financial Transparency and the International Executive Committee

International Secretariat Finances

IS Senior Management Salaries

Accountability, Governance and Management at the IS

Transparency and Accountability of the IS

Call for amendments to the ICM ciore standards

Financial Stability of Amnesty UK

Stability and Structure A

AIUK Restructuring

Amnesty Magazine

Regional Trade Union networks

Groups Lists on AIUK Website

Amnesty UK Governance

12-Month Governance and Role Task Group

Consultation on Material Reorganisation

Restructure Implications on Crisis Response at Amnesty UK

Increase in Amensty UK Membership Fees

Restricted Giving Resolution to the ICM

AGM Decisions 2013