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Remembrance Wall

Our remembrance wall features messages from people who have given to Amnesty in memory of a loved one. 

To post a message to this page, please contact our Supporter Communications Team by emailing .

Jane Ward


For many years Jane Ward was our beloved Tai Chi teacher at the Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre.  Her wise counsel and devotion to those of us in her class will always be with us.  When practising Tai Chi, it is always Jane’s voice and smile which is before us.


-Colette McNeil


Jane Ward (1948 – 2023)

Jane worked for and was a supporter of the Amnesty movement for over 50 years.

She was the Europe Researcher in the 1970s and later a senior member of the Secretary General’s staff at the International Secretariat, as well as a lifetime supporter of the Islington and Hackney Group. One of her colleagues wrote in tribute, she was “a warm, radiant and truly wonderful power for good.” As a tireless fund-raiser, she would have greatly appreciated all the many donations people have made in her honour.

David Benedictus (1938-2023)

David Benedictus was a dedicated supporter of Amnesty International throughout his life. His natural rebelliousness was off-set by his charm and charisma. He will be hugely missed, but will live on through his wonderful writing.

Dedication from his children - Chloe Benedictus, Leo Benedictus, Jessica Campbell, Jolyon Maugham

Marian Penny

My Aunt, Marian Penny who died in August 2023 at the age of 97, was an active supporter of Amnesty International, having been instrumental in the setting up of Blackburn branch. Marian spent her whole life working in and around children's services, and was actively involved in any number of charities working to improve the lot of the downtrodden, Bob Dylan's "countless confused, accused, misused, strung-out ones and worse". A Quaker by faith, one of her friends said to me her view of activists was turned on its head when she met an energetic 80 year old  pensioner called Marian Penny. A calm, easy-natured good listener, Marian leaves a lot of holes in a lot of lives.

David Milner

In memory of my late friend and fellow academic, Professor David Milner. David was a very fine academic and author of the classic social psychology book, "Children and Race". For many years he campaigned for a better world. A donation for Amnesty International is a fitting way to remember such a committed scholar and much missed friend.

-Michael Billig

Susan Bunten 1952 - 2023

In memory of my wife Susan who was a rebel with a multitude of causes. She fought the good fight against injustices and persecution. A committed supporter of Amnesty, she will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

Annelie Bloomfield

In loving memory of Annelie Bloomfield,
My very good, generous and warm-hearted friend.
We will always think of you, Annelie.

- Renate and daughter Dagmar

Ann Bartles-Smith 1945-2023

In memory of Ann (Mum, Granny) and all the volunteering you did for, and with, the Shrewsbury branch.
You will be greatly missed by all of us.

Simon Phillips

In memory of Simon Phillips with love from his Book Group.

Jean Scott 

Hornsey & Wood Group remember with great fondness long-time member Jean Scott, who died on 30th March (2022) at nearly 90 years of age following a brief illness.

Jean had been a very active member of the Hornsey & Wood Green Group for more than 30 years and had served for many of those years as the group’s co-ordinator for North African Regional Action Network cases.

Having had to move out of London to Henley during the Covid lockdown, she continued to join our meetings via Zoom and indeed had attended our March meeting.  

She is very much missed.

David Robert Brown

My father David Robert Brown was a founder member of Grantham Amnesty International Group, and a member over several decades. Like his co-founder and wife, my late mother Ursula Brown, he had a great sensitivity to and aversion to violence. He could not bear the thought of torture, and he did what he could to rescue people from it. I am particularly happy to execute the bequest in my father’s will since my own husband was rescued from house arrest under the Greek Colonels’ dictatorship in the late 1960s, and he has ever after remained grateful to Amnesty. May its good work continue as long as it is needed. Catherine Brown


Dear Chris,

I will always have wonderful memories of our friendship. You will be greatly missed by all your friends.


Michael Anthony Christopher Dixon 1951 -  2021

In memory of our brother Mike who loved teaching young children  showing them what fun learning could be and would always help out people who had less than him. His love of the outdoors of wild flowers and the birds in his garden, his love of music (opera especially) and poetry,  you will always be in our hearts, miss you.

Miles Spink 1951-2021

Thank you to all who have contributed to Amnesty International in memory of Miles. 
Miles a was a quiet man who, in the words of his friends knew who he was and knew what was right. The only clever way of living was to right injustice. Miles often felt he should have done more, when in fact, he had done much more than anyone else. Walked further, climbed higher or chosen the nicest present. As a teacher he was loved and remembered. He was truly loyal too. May the memories of what a truly unique, principled and inspirational man Miles was, continue to inspire courage and generosity of spirit.


Angela Chadwick, 1943-2020

Our beautiful Mum, Grandma, Great-Grandma and Friend. Angela was a long-standing member of Amnesty. She had a strong sense of social justice. We are happy to give this donation in her memory and we hope, as she would, that it is able to go some way towards improving the lot of others. 

June John, 1964-2021

In memory of a beloved mother, sister and dear friend who supported Amnesty International for many years.  Always a source of love, comfort and laughter to those who knew her, she will be missed dearly.

Toby W M Holroyd, 1971-1996

My youngest son, who died tragically a week after his 25th birthday. He was a  gentle, loving, thoughtful and funny young man, who cared deeply about social justice and human rights. He will always be remembered by his brothers and sisters, the wider family and all his many friends as a person who brightened up their lives.
"Once upon a time there was a young man, rough at the edges, but with stars in his eyes"

Michael Stokely

The Salisbury Amnesty group is very sad to record the death in June 2019 of one of its founder members, Michael Stokely. He has remained a stalwart supporter and contributed to meetings right up to lockdown. He was ‘in at the start’ and the group’s continuing success is due in no small part to his efforts. He will be sadly missed.

A supporter has posted a message on the Salisbury web site: 

“Michael was a wonderfully warm and empathetic human being. I knew him well outside Amnesty. But it was not until I came and lived here in Czech Republic, and married into a dissident family that I really appreciated the work that Amnesty had done. I took my mother in law to visit the Amnesty window in Salisbury Cathedral. She had been a Spokesperson for Charter 77 and imprisoned for her beliefs. She was amazed and touched by all those in Salisbury Amnesty who unknown to her had been thinking of her all those years. She stayed for the prayers for Prisoners of Conscience and a view of the Magna Carta that had so inspired them. A very moving visit.

So a tribute to Michael and all at Salisbury Amnesty from over here in lockdown Czech, we will keep a candle burning on our balcony tonight in memory.” 


Mdm. Meng

Mdm. Meng, never far from our thoughts, you have provided us with so many memories. In your name, and with the recognition to your Father's contribution, we pray for the release of Joshua Wang, and particularly Agnes Chow who appears to be suffering. 

While the tyranny of Beijing may seem overwhelming today, may the flame of freedom never be fully extinguished from the hearts of the people of Hong Kong. 

While our hearts are pure,
We will endure, 
With hope for a better future. 

- Your eternal UK team

Graham Whitford, Dec 2019

Graham was inspirational Chairman and a very generous donor to our group.  He was a lovely man and had a special rapport with young people, inspiring some of our local students to join the cause.

Graham was a genuinely good man, passionate, caring, excellent company...he wanted to speak up for those who were unable to speak for themselves. He will be sorely missed. 

Phillip Kenwyn Wearne, 1957 – 2018

Phillip was an energetic, passionate activist for social justice, humanity and human rights throughout his incredible life.

As a journalist, writer and campaigner, he championed the rights of refugees, political and religious prisoners, the oppressed and persecuted.

He is remembered with gratitude by everyone who benefitted from his vision, inspiration and compassion during his remarkable life.  A man who had so much to give and was giving so much when he left this world far, far too soon.

Phillip’s spirit, commitment and practical example will never be forgotten and will live on in the lives of those he mentored and motivated.

Ken fem pa lage.

- The Wearne Family

Mary Ursula Ross

In loving memory of the late Mary Ursula Ross who always had a sense of justice, and of looking further than the garden gate.

- Sheila Ross, family and friends.

Diana Lewton-Brain, 1921 – 2019

Our aunt and cousin Diana cared passionately about social and political justice and supported Amnesty International for many years. She helped to organise fundraising events in West Norfolk and continued to write letters and send cards well into her nineties.

- Charles and Peter Lewton-Brain, Sue Crump and families.

Jane Ellen Venis 1937 – 2019

Our mum was passionate about human rights and volunteered for Amnesty for many years, including leading the Faversham Amnesty chapter. She will be remembered fondly by all who knew her, and we thank those who have donated to Amnesty in her memory. 

- Sarah Venis

Jean Greiller 1927 – 2018

Our Mother Jean was an unassuming, determined and principled woman, and a long time supporter of other's rights, hence Amnesty International. We remember her with love, affection and pride. 

- John Greiller

Stewart Greenwell 1948 – 2019

In memory of my dearest husband, Stewart, who was a long time supporter of Amnesty International.
Stewart was a man of great integrity, compassion, hugely respected and ready to listen, support and provide a voice to those in need.  He strived ‘to make a positive difference’ in all that he did.

Thank you to all who loved him and for the generous donations to Amnesty International.

Stewart will be missed, but not forgotten and forever in our hearts.

- Gill Greenwel

Rita Cook 1926 – 2018

In loving memory of Rita Cook, a much loved mother and friend to many, who was a supporter of Amnesty International for many years.
Small in stature but with a huge enthusiasm for life and an example to us all of how to live it to the full.

- Deborah Cook

Ben Wetherall 1991 – 2018

In memory of my son Ben, taken so suddenly and much too young. Ben was a gentle and caring soul with a passion for the environment, politics and social justice. His endless kindness and compassion and his unique brand of logic, reason and tolerance will be missed by his family and all the friends who came to rely on his ability to empathise, soothe and give great advice. Ben was a global citizen, not motivated by money, possessions or traditional measures of success, but by the difference he could make in the world, particularly for young people. And he achieved that in so many ways. His many volunteering commitments once included the Amnesty bookshop in Brighton and we’re sure he would have approved of the many donations made to Amnesty in his memory.

- Sandra Thompson

Martin Dunn 1989 – 2018

In memory of Martin Dunn who felt deeply for the suffering of others and the injustices faced by many. A humanist and passionate supporter of Amnesty he was a gentle, loving and thoughtful young man. Thank you to all who donated so generously. 

- Philip Dunn

Peter (Pete) Child 1937 – 2018

In loving memory of my husband Pete Child who was a supporter of Amnesty International for many years. Thank you to all our friends and family who donated in Pete’s memory. He is loved and missed and will never be forgotten.
- Carolyn

 A dedicated New Orleans-style jazz trombonist and leader of the New Tulane Band, Pete Child was throughout his life a regular donor to Amnesty International. He was a fine man of strong principles.
  - David Holme

Bernardo Alhucema

Chilean exiled to Scotland in the 70s, returned home to faithful Quaker witness. His Light lives on.
Nicola & Paul Maharg

Grandma Walker

Grandma Walker always had time and a smile for everyone. She lived a full life and loved all those around her. Thank you Grandma Walker for always being the light of every room. To the whole Washington Family - sending you all my love xo

- Claire Hardy

Sue Andreetti 1950 – 2018

In loving memory of my wife Sue Andreetti, a long-time supporter of Amnesty. Her greatest gifts were compassion and friendship.
- Keith Andreetti 

Colin Kelly

For my husband, Colin Kelly - a man of true integrity. He valued honesty, loyalty, acceptance of responsibility, commitment, strength of character, respect for all and fairness. 
His larger than life character and quick wit are sorely missed by all.

- Cathy Kelly

Elizabeth Jane Chandler (Liz)

In memory of Liz Chandler a strong and vocal supporter of Amnesty International who died suddenly on 23 Dec 2017. Forever Young.

For my lovely aunt who spent her adult life helping others through being a social worker and later supporting victims. She always wanted to help those who could not help themselves and by doing so made a difference wherever she went. Much missed xx
- Zoe Rogers and family

Lynn Ten Kate

In fond memory of a dear friend and musical godmother. She inspired many in the appreciation of music and theatre like no other. A generous lady who helped many through her involvement in various charities, she had a heart of gold and she will be missed.

Vera Magne

In memory of my dear friend Vera Magne, who was a great supporter of Amnesty International.

Philip Emm 1923 – 2017

Family and friends donated in loving memory of Philip Emm, Leamington Spa, a long term promoter of Amnesty International's work. He really put his faith into action and was a shining example of how to care about other people, especially those suffering injustice. 

Patrick Wheatley  

To remember Patrick Wheatley. Husband, father and grandfather and a long time supporter of Amnesty International.

Frederick Hills 27.08.1932 - 1.07.2017  

In memory of Fred, a much-loved son, brother, husband & former husband, father, neighbour & friend, who cared passionately about social and political justice. A generous, funny, kind man and brilliant allotmenteer in Balsham, Cambridgeshire, who gave more than he received in life. Though often dismayed by what he saw happening in the world around him, he never gave up hope. He was a great supporter of Amnesty. We miss you very much.

Mary Ouvry 1934 - 2016

In loving memory of Mum -- Mary Ouvry (1934 - 2016) -- a great supporter of social justice, and of Amnesty in particular. A loving mother and grandmother, she is deeply missed

Dave Pearson 1955 - 2017

In loving memory of Dave Pearson - a wonderful husband, father, colleague and friend to many - who admired and supported the work of Amnesty International. We will miss him so much - from all that loved him

John Rankin 1933 - 2017

In loving memory of our dear John, a dedicated supporter of Amnesty International. This donation was kindly amassed by those attending his funeral, on his request.

Robin Hardie 

Remembering Robin Hardie, who worked all his life for other people.

Sylvia Marshall 

To the late Sylvia Marshall, of Cumbria and Edinburgh, who knitted, made jam and wrote endless letters to support the work of Amnesty, we dedicate this space.

Aude Leonetti 17.11.1957 - 08.09.2016

My wife experienced how some people choose to use their power over others to bully and belittle them. She was very supportive of Amnesty's work in countering those who enforce this power, however obtained, with violence, cruelty and vindictiveness.

Sheila Ford

In memory of our Mum, Sheila Ford, 1925-2016. A great supporter of Amnesty International. All our love, Joanna,Tim,and Simon.

Marlene Ella Lane (Ella) 1936-2016

Supporter and active member of Amnesty. Who did her bit to make the world a better, fairer place.

David Thatcher 1932-2016

David was a long time Amnesty supporter. In the 80s, he was chairman of our local Amnesty group in Oakwood, campaigning particularly for Ozhegov, a Russian prisoner of conscience, kept in a psychiatric hospital, who was finally successfully released. David carried on over the years, writing letters and sending cards to prisoners during the festive season at Christmas and the New Year. He was very passionate about social justice. A loving husband, father and grandfather, he is sorely missed.

Richard Scruton

'Richard was only too aware of the suffering and social deprivation in Britain and around the world and would always take an active part in combatting it. Despite a long illness, he regularly performed the blues and his own compositions as singer and guitarist in the hope of making the world a better place. A man of honour, integrity and humility. A' mensch.'

Virginia McNay

‘In loving memory of Virginia.’

Esther Singer 24.08.1926 - 04.02.2016

'In memory of Esther Singer from Hornsey Pensioners Action Group: Esther was a true campaigner, supporter, friend and story teller. She is dearly missed.'

Audrey Drown 1931 - 2015

'A quiet and lovely lady. A truly wonderful mother and a great supporter of Amnesty and Human Rights. Much missed by all her family. Loved beyond measure.'

Joseph Winterbottom

'In loving memory of Joseph Winterbottom, a good supporter of Amnesty International, love from family and friends.'

Frank D. Bowles 1931-2015

'In loving memory of our dear father Frank, who dedicated his life to fighting injustices in the world. An ardent human rights activist who worked tirelessly for Amnesty International. He will remain forever in our hearts.'

Dr Stella Ambache

‘In loving memory of a truly remarkable lady’.
Sir Elihu Lauterpacht

Margaret Pyke 1928 - 2015

In memory of our dear friend Margaret. Her life was an example of how to live well, she gave inspiration to all who knew her. Sadly missed by her friends.'

All members of The Welsh Costume & Textile Society

Jane Burnett 

'In memory of Jane Burnett, teacher, who wanted to liberate everyone and everything from all oppression. She did her best to give everyone wings, until finally she grew a pair herself and flew off into infinity.'
Ligia Luckhurst, Learning Support Worker

Emma Howie 1979 - 2015

'Loved and remembered as a mother, partner, daughter, clinical psychologist and inspiration to many. 

'Emma first started to support Amnesty as a teenager and continued this support throughout her life. Passionate about safeguarding and protecting the individual against abuse, persecution and the arbitrary power of the state and the privileged, Emma asked us to support Amnesty's work before she died.'
Keith Howie, father

Anita Feldman 1925 - 2015

'Always campaigning against injustice, and caring for those who sought refuge in her home after suffering in their own countries. She was much loved and will remembered by all who knew her.'
Jo Heller, Norma Wilson, Michael Feldman, and family and friends

Audrey Harrison

'Our mother, Audrey Harrison, who died on 31 December 2014, was a long-time supporter of Amnesty International. She loved to travel and was endlessly fascinated by different cultures and countries.
As a young woman she fought injustice by serving in the army in the Middle and Far East during World War II and she maintained an active interest in the welfare of these countries until the end of her life.'
Venetia Horton and Graham Harrison

Thomas Dixon Jopling 1937 - 2015

'In loving memory of Tom, a strong trade unionist all his working life and passionate about world affairs and Amnesty International. Always in the thoughts of his wife and family.'

Margaret Macaulay

'In memory of Margaret Macaulay from Edinburgh, a long term admirer and supporter of Amnesty International.'
Left by Tom Andrews

Philip Nicholas Furbanks and Alex Cain

'In memory of Nick and our mutual friend Alex Cain, both remembered most fondly.'
David Hay

Philip Nicholas Furbanks

'Passed away on 27 June 2014. Nick was a long-time supporter of Amnesty International and will be dearly missed by his friends and family.'
Susan Drake

Canon Leslie Virgo 1925 – 2013 

In memory of Leslie Virgo, priest, from his son Nick Virgo. 'As kingfishers catch fire' was Leslie's favourite poem and prayer.

As kingfishers catch fire, dragonflies draw flame;
As tumbled over rim in roundy wells
Stones ring; like each tucked string tells, each hung bell's
Bow swung finds tongue to fling out broad its name;
Each mortal thing does one thing and the same:
Deals out that being indoors each one dwells;
Selves — goes itself; myself it speaks and spells,
Crying What I do is me: for that I came.

I say more: the just man justices;
Keeps grace: that keeps all his goings graces;
Acts in God's eye what in God's eye he is —
Christ — for Christ plays in ten thousand places,
Lovely in limbs, and lovely in eyes not his
To the Father through the features of men's faces.
By Gerard Manley Hopkins

Chris Ambrose 1949 - 2014

'Chris was a lifelong campaigner against injustice who worked tirelessly to defend people in the trade union movement and beyond. He was taken from his loving family far too soon and will be forever in their hearts.'
From his wife Dorice (Dee) Johnson

Jeanette Scroop

'Happy memories of Jeanette Scroop. A thoughtful and insightful person, who, with her husband, raised a family who share similar values. She will be missed by all who were privileged to know her.'
Angela and Michael

Iain Davidson

Gin I Was God
Gin I was God, sittin' up there abeen,
Weariet nae doot noo a' my darg was deen,
Deaved wi' the harps an' hymns oonendin' ringin',
Tired o’ the flockin’ angels hairse wi’ singin’,
To some clood-edge I'd daunder furth an', feth,
Look ower an' watch hoo things were gyaun aneth.
Syne, gin I saw hoo men I'd made mysel'
Had startit in to pooshan, sheet an' fell,
To reive an' rape, an' fairly mak' a hell
O' my braw birlin' Earth, – a hale week's wark –
I'd cast my coat again, rowe up my sark,
An', or they'd time to lench a second ark,
Tak' back my word an' sen' anither spate,
Droon oot the hale hypothec, dicht the sklate,
Own my mistak', an', aince I'd cleared the brod,
Start a'thing ower again, gin I was God.

Charles Murray

From friends, in memory of the late Iain Davidson

Kathleen Winkley 1942-2013

'The Minehead Amnesty Group is thankful for all that Kathleen did for them in the 11 years she was central to its life after being a founder member in 2002. She quietly and competently undertook a number of roles, including co-ordinating the Group's Equatorial Guinea action file for 6 years..She represented the Group at several AIUK AGMs. She could always be relied upon to help with letter writing stalls or fund-raising events. She understood well the key principles of Amnesty's work and the wider international context. She was also involved in many other local organisations and activities. Kathleen was always conscientious, thoughtful, kind and quietly purposeful in all that she did. She is greatly missed but has given us a standard to live up to.'
Minehead Amnesty Group

Margaret Hall 1943- 2012

'In loving memory of Margaret, a keen supporter of Amnesty International for many years.
A wonderful lady, taken too soon.'
Left by her daughter Carole, brother David and sister-in-law Paddie

Simon Purchas 1956-2012

'A much loved, and loving, husband, father, and friend. Simon passed away far too young on 30 December 2012 with so much more left to give to the world.

Simon was a lifelong campaigner and a highly respected civil liberties lawyer; he dedicated his life to fighting against injustices for everyday people and was a great supporter of Amnesty International. You leave an irreplaceable hole in our lives.'
Simon's family

Agnes Gallagher

Agnes Gallagher died aged 91 on 24th October 2012. Agnes was born in Rathmullan, Donegal and raised 7 daughters and a son along with her husband Frank who sadly passed away in 1990.  Agnes spent some time working as a nurse in England during the war, before returning to her home town where she married and raised her family.  Agnes was knowledgeable and well read, and enjoyed sharing her views on current affairs.  She welcomed everyone into her home and was very generous of spirit.  She is sadly missed by her family, friends and neighbours.

Agnes was supportive of human rights and saddened by injustice.'
Clare Gallagher

Malcolm F Piercy

'Amnesty is a wonderful charity,  I have sent a gift to the charity in memory of my brother-in-law, Malcolm Piercy, a brilliant psychologist whose passion was studying human behaviour.  We shared the same revulsion of the abhorrent behaviour ...human to human'
Dr Elizabeth Nelson, OBE, who has included Amnesty in her will

Roy McCormack

'For a' that, an a' that, it's coming yet for a' that, that man to man, the world o'er, shall brothers be for a' that' - Robert Burns
In loving memory from Mandy, Claire and Nicola

David Stuart Ramsay Mills 1938 - 2012

'David, my father, supported Amnesty's work for many years.  His death last year was completely unexpected, and has left a huge gap in all our lives.'
Stuart Mills

Winifred Milius and Cecil Lubell

'In memory of my late mother Winifred Milius Lubell (14 June 1914 - 3 January 2012) who was a active supporter of Amnesty International and set up an Amnesty  group in Cape Cod, Massachusetts USA together with my late father Cecil Lubell (6 June 1912 - 20 July 2000).'
Stephen Lubell

Heather Pagan

'Remembering always my beloved wife Heather who died in November 2010 at the age of 57. Always loved, never forgotten.'
Graeme Pagan, Oban

Dr Godfrey Tyler

'In memory of Dr Godfrey Tyler, a man who embodied decency, warmth and lively curiosity.'
Professor Diarmaid Macculloch

Catherine Matheson Hache

'In memory of Catherine Matheson Hache. With love to her family.'
Anna and Stephen

Lena Wilson 1933-2012

'In memory of a much loved wife and my life-long buddy who believed in justice and freedom.

Always in my heart, I'll never forget you'
From your husband Colin Wilson

Ruth Everitt 1933-2011

'Ruth was a founder member of the Portsmouth AI group in 1984. Over the years she hosted many fund raising events. She also supported our flag days and gigs, as well as providing us with endless books and other goods to sell on our stalls. Her commitment to human rights was unwavering. She is greatly missed both by the group and by all who knew her.'
From everyone in the Portsmouth Amnesty group

Robert Stephen Banks 1959-2011

'In memory of a much loved Husband, Father, Grandad and Friend of many who supported Amnesty International through his love of music.

Always in our hearts and never to be forgotten.'
From everyone who loved you x x

Rob Bennett 1951-2012

'Rob devoted his life to the welfare of others. He understood and appreciated the meaning of the concept of freedom as it applies to people's lives and did not bow to its distortions. His was a shining star and he is so missed by all who knew him. Life will not be the same without you.'
From his friend Marilyn

Hamid Reza Ahmadi 1957-2011

'In loving memory of my dearest Hamid who, like so many others, was forced to leave his beloved Iran. Always in my heart.'
Marion Christodoulou

Peter Kerswell

'Peter was a real supporter of Amnesty International. He cared.'

Maureen Lee 1922-2011

'As always she adopted the road she had taken as her own
As always she wanted to learn, to educate, and to inspire change 
As always she offered everything when less was asked 
As always she fought for causes she thought others ignored
.... and as always she was Maureen Lee and we are her children.'
From her family

Michael Francis Riddle, December 1927 - December 2010

'My husband Mike was a passionate believer in and supporter of Amnesty International's work around the world. He was well admired by all for his morals and sense of justice, fairness in the world and for improving the lives of those around him. 

We miss you, Mike.'
From his wife, Paola Riddle

Allan Shaw

'In memory of Allan Shaw who felt strongly about making a difference to people's lives. He will be sadly missed.'
Mrs D Shaw

Michael Nee 1943-2011

'In fond memory of Michael'
From his from his friends Marit and Gjertrud

Derek McCulloch 1952 - 2010

'Much loved by his mother, brother Ian, friends and colleagues. In our hearts always.'

Anthony John Close 1937 - 2010

'Anthony had the deepest compassion for anyone suffering from the outrageous wrongs of political injustice, violence and social deprivation and so he greatly admired and supported Amnesty International's aims and work. His admirable humanistic integrity shines in my soul and is my guide.'
From his wife, Francoise

James Anthony (Tony) Barlow 1944-2009

'From a former colleague: 'It seemed just right to send a donation to AI in his memory - an organisation which symbolises what Tony pushed for in his professional and personal life - freedom, fairness and a non-judgemental position in all issues.'
Much missed by many but especially by his wife and daughter, Margaret and Vicki

Michael John Bailey

'A lover of people, sadly missed by all who knew him.'
Louise Gregory

Michael Gothard

'In Memory of Michael Gothard. To us you will always be a warrior among warriors. Michael, we love you and miss you, and wish you could have stayed.'
Left by his friends and fans

Anna Hearder 

'Anna Hearder was a longstanding and valued member of North London Literati, a reading group which has been in existence for some 35 years.  Like many members of the group, she was a long-time supporter of Amnesty International. Anna passed away in May from cancer, so to commemorate her life the group has made a donation to AI in her memory.  She will be deeply missed.'
Francine Miller

 Al Jones 1975-2010

'For Al Jones, a young man whose joie de vivre and intellectual sparkle will be sorely missed by his family and many friends. Thank you to those who gave in his memory.'
Louise Ash

Gerald Bede 1930 - 2009

'In loving memory of Uncle Gerry, he was a wonderful and inspirational man to his neices and nephews and hope that the money from the donations will make a difference.'
Trish McEvoy, neice

Robert Jones 1922 - 2009

'In loving memory of Robert who was a lifelong supporter of Amnesty International. His favorite quotation was 'The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing'. Thanks to all who gave so generously in his memory.'
John Griffin

Alice Griffiths  1917 - 2009

'Alice did not want flowers at her funeral but wanted donations to Amnesty instead. She was a wonderful woman who will be deeply missed. I hope that the money from the donations will help to make a difference for those that are standing for justice, fairness and freedom.'
All the family

Mrs Clare Robathan

'On behalf of all who have worked with Clare, from NAS. We have made a special donation in memory of Mrs Robathan.'
Elizabeth and colleagues at NAS

Robin M. G.Morrell

'In memory of Robin M. G Morrell, a keen supporter of Amnesty International for many years.'
Left by his wife, Mary Morrell

John Stoessl

'Among the astonishing fragments of his life recounted by various friends at his wake was that he was one of the first Allied soldiers through the doors of Bergen-Belsen at the end of World War II, and as one of the few German speakers was involved in requisitioning supplies from local bakeries for distribution to the camp, arranging for nutritional experts to be drafted in, and dragooning local townspeople for a tour of the horrors committed in their name. His name is missing from historic accounts as he had lied about his age to join up and changed his name (he was Viennese by birth) because of anti-German sentiment.'
Rose Fluckinger and friends

Joan Reeves 1943 - 2010

'In a lifetime given to education Joan's competence, integrity and care for others were an inspiration to all her pupils, colleagues and friends.'
Left by her husband, Richard Reeves


 'In loving memory of Bonnie who gave me 15 years of joy and happiness. In my heart forever, Stan.'