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Procedure for Creating, Using and Retaining Health and Consent forms for Children and Young People


Purpose and aim of this procedure

Amnesty International UK aims to empower young people as Human Rights activists and to enable them to take part in all areas of Amnesty International UK’s activism. In order to be able to do this we need to ensure that they are not put at risk of harm whilst taking part.

We aim to ensure that those children and young people who engage with Amnesty International UK are provided with the care and support they need. It is therefore, important when they engage in lead activist roles that we have informed parental/guardian consent and the necessary information to keep them safe.

This procedure provides clear direction to staff and volunteers at Amnesty International UK when working with children and young people on when and how to create a Heath and Consent Form.


This procedure applies to any paid member of staff, volunteer or lead activist who is working with a child or young person in an overnight activity, intimate meeting or elected lead activist role.

Types of activities which will require Health and Consent forms

  • A member of the Youth Advisory Group
  • A child or young person on a Network Committee
  • A child or young person taking on a Country Coordinator or Shadow Country Coordinator Role
  • A child or young person’s attendance at the Annual General Meeting and National Conference
  • A child or young person attending a meeting, unaccompanied by parent/guardian or school or other organisation, with Amnesty International.
  • Any residential event (see Procedure for Residential Activities with Children and Young People)

Types of activities which will not require a Health and Consent form

  • A public event e.g local fair or open talk
  • Children or young people attending as part of a school or other third party (where the event is organised directly with the third party)


  • A Child or young person is anyone who is under the age of 18.


Information to be included in forms

  • Include information on the activity including location, expectations, activities undertaken.
  • Contact information for the relevant staff/activist lead.
  • Why we have asked for information
  • Details on how we are storing and using it
  • Who to contact if information needs to be updated/request to delete it.

Information collected

  • Details of the young person (name, age, contact information)
  • Details of the consenting parent (name, contact information)
  • Emergency contact information (two different people)
  • Doctors name and contact details
  • Explicit consent to provide first aid and take the young person to hospital for treatment
  • Consent (opt-in) re: use of images/videos


Once completed these forms will be saved to a secure Share Point site as records with automatic deletion dates.


Access to all consent forms will be restricted to:-
Safeguarding Officer
Deputy Safeguarding Officer
Community Organiser (Youth)
At the time of an event/meeting a copy of the forms for relevant children and young people will be provided to the lead staff member/s or lead activist. This copy will be destroyed after the meeting.


  • All consent forms should be stored for 3 years after return. This relates to personal injury claims which can be brought up to 3 years after an incident.
  • Once a young person turns 18 or leaves the committee the form will be moved to an archive folder.
  • A new form will be requested once a year for ongoing activities and for each new specific event/activity.


All new Health and Consent forms need to be approved by a Safeguarding Officer.

Useful contact details

Designated safeguarding lead for children and young people and deputies: 

AIUK Deputy Safeguarding Leads:

Mairéad Healy, Head of Safeguarding
Phone: 0207 033 1761

Irene Fufeyin, Head of HR
Phone: 020 703 31693 


This procedure is driven by the following policies and supported by the following processes, in order to enable our staff to carry out this procedure: 

  • Policy Statements
  • Safeguarding Children and Young People
  • Procedures
  • Procedure for Residential Activities with Children and Young People
  • Procedure for Enabling Children and Young People take on Lead Activist Roles
  • Forms 
  • AIUK Safeguarding Incident Reporting Form
  • Youth Advisory Group Health and Consent template form
  • Lead Activist Health and Consent template form
  • Guidelines 
  • Engaging Safely with Children and Young People for Amnesty – do’s and don’ts


Author/procedure contact:  Mairéad Healy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Sign off: AIUK Safeguarding Team
Approved by/approval level: AIUK Safeguarding Team
Date effective: November 2018 - 2019
Last reviewed or updated: November 2018
Frequency of review: Annually
Supersedes: New procedure