Zimbabwe: Agreement should not result in amnesties for human rights violators

As the world waits to see the details of the agreement reached by leaders in Zimbabwe to end the political impasse since the March elections, Amnesty International today said the agreement’s validity would be seriously compromised if it includes amnesties or pardons that prevent human rights violators being brought to justice, the emergence of the truth, and full reparation to victims.

Amnesty International’s Zimbabwe expert, Simeon Mawanza who recently returned from speaking to victims of violence in the country said:

“Nothing should be agreed that would prevent the full emergence of the truth – and those responsible for the gross human rights violations that took place must be brought to justice.

“The victims of human rights violations are demanding justice for the crimes they have suffered – and they deserve no less than that. It will be a great betrayal of these victims if national, regional and international leaders were to support pre-trial amnesties for perpetrators of human rights violations.”

Simeon Mawanza continued:

“Zimbabwe has clear obligations under international law – and they must not fail to fulfil those obligations, particularly in this critical point in their history.

“Any durable solution to the crisis in Zimbabwe must have the respect and protection of human rights at its foundation.”

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