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Wales: Keys to freedom school assemblies

This year, Amnesty International Wales is celebrating Protect the Human Week on 14th-20th October, and we're asking schools in Wales to hold special assemblies to focus on human rights.

The inspirational assembly entitled The Keys to Freedom focuses on the persecution and false imprisonment of ordinary people, and gives Children's rights and young people the opportunity to take part and show their support for those suffering around the world.

The Keys to Freedom includes a presentation on Amnesty and a prepared script designed for students to represent the voices people whose rights have been denied. The students will be asked to bring old keys with them to the assembly to symbolise people locked up because their basic human rights have been denied. Amnesty International will deliver the keys to the Governments of the people featured in the Assembly.

For the first time, Amnesty International has prepared a Welsh language version, ensuring that all schools in Wales are able to take part.

Cathy Owens, Programme Director of Amnesty International Wales said:

“It’s a great way for teachers to introduce human rights issues into schools, and gives young people the opportunity to take a stand for those who do not have a voice. It will remind us that people around the world lack the freedom that we take for granted.”
“Last year, over 1000 schools across the UK took part. This year I would like as many schools as possible in Wales to take part so that we can demonstrate how interested Welsh students are in international issues.”

“We have had a great response from teachers we have talked to about this, and both NUT Cymru and UCAC are keen to help us promote the concept in Wales.”

  • Find out more about Protect the Human Week

  • Order your free Assembly pack: +44 (0)1788 54 55 53. English language order code: ED092, Welsh language order code: ED094
  • For more information contact Cathy Owens at Amnesty International Wales on + 44 (0)2920 375610 or +44 (0)7738 718638

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