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USA: Guantánamo Bay releases - all should now be charged or released, UK should act

The human rights organisation also called on the UK government to now intervene decisively and press for clear 'charge or release' action concerning the British nationals being held at the Camp Delta facility.

There are currently around 680 foreign nationals held in indefinite detention without charge or access to the courts, lawyers or families at Guantánamo Bay. Some have been held since January 2002, and it recently came to light that detainees include a small number of Children's rights, some of whom may have faced interrogation. It is reported that at least eight British nationals may be currently held.

Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen said:

'Today's news that some Guantánamo Bay detainees are to be released is a welcome first step, though long overdue.

'We have long said that holding people in 'legal limbo' at Guantánamo Bay was both unlawful and counter-productive in combating threats to international security since 11 September 2001.

'It is now time for the UK government to act decisively by standing up for the rights of the British nationals being held at Guantánamo Bay. We want to see our government calling for all detainees to face proper charges or to be immediately released.'

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