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USA: CIA tapes show need for full investigation into war on terror

The destruction of almost 100 tapes containing potential evidence of torture and ill treatment of detainees held in secret detention by the CIA illustrates the urgent need for a full independent commission of inquiry into human rights abuses committed by the USA in the name of “countering terrorism”, said Amnesty International today.

Susan Lee, Americas Director at Amnesty International, said:

“President Obama’s moves to end secret detention and his reassurance that the USA will not torture again are very positive. But the destruction of the tapes is an alarming sign of a lack of commitment to accountability which cannot be overlooked.

“Investigations must be thorough, and those responsible for ordering and carrying out torture and ill treatment must be brought to justice.

“The only way to end torture is to make it clear, in law and policy, that it will never be accepted or go unpunished no matter where, when, why or against whom it is used.”

Amnesty International’s statement comes in response to reports that the CIA had destroyed 92 tapes depicting interrogations of detainees held in secret detention.

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