UK: Law Lords torture

Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen said:

“The UK stands at an important crossroads – it can become a defender of human rights or continue to be a defender of torture.

“Let us be clear what we are talking about. This is about whether the UK will turn a blind eye to torture – to people being thrown in a cell and having pain and terror inflicted upon them.

“Failing to rule out torture ‘evidence’ in UK proceedings would provide a cloak of legality for that which is unlawful. The UK must take a principled stand – torture is never acceptable.

“The law is clear: don’t torture people, don’t send people to countries where they’ll be tortured, don’t accept torture evidence.

“As the UK seeks ‘Memoranda of Understanding’ with countries which practice torture and we await a decision on whether torture ‘evidence’ can be used in UK courts, we are in danger of failing on two out of three counts.”

Amnesty International spokespeople will be outside the House of Lords on Thursday morning and available for comment.

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