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UK: Jordan assurances not worth the paper they are written on

"‘Memoranda of Understanding’ are not a new idea. But such promises from countries like Jordan, which are known to have used torture, are not worth the paper they are written on.

"These assurances rely on the good faith of states that are known to torture their subjects – a practice which few states admit to. How does Charles Clarke propose to monitor whether these promises are being honoured?

"The UK Government must do its utmost to prevent any repeat of the 7 July bombings, and to bring those responsible to justice. But going soft on torture is not the answer to terrorism. The UK must remain steadfast in its opposition to this vile practice."

Background on Jordan

Amnesty International continues to have serious concerns over reports of prisoners being tortured and ill-treated while in incommunicado secret detention in Jordan.

Former detainees - including student protestors - have alleged that they were beaten during interrogations - including with sticks and cables, that they were subjected to sleep deprivation, exposure to loud noises and that they and their families were threatened with rape and death.

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