UK: Human rights protestors to stage 'sofa in a cage' protest against house arrest

The demonstration will see a ‘prisoner’ held inside a small cage along with an armchair and a standard lamp - symbolising house arrest measures, one of the ‘control order’ powers that the Home Secretary could order under POT proposals.

Amnesty International and Liberty supporters will be carrying banners bearing messages such as: "Last chance for justice", "No detention without trial", "No to house arrest" and "Oppose the Bill: Uphold Human Rights".

Human rights activists will also be lobbying MPs as they arrive to vote on the bill.

When: Wednesday 9 March, 10.30 am
Where: Parliament Square (footpath by Winston Churchill statue)

Amnesty International UK Campaigns Director Stephen Bowen said:

"There is enormous strength of feeling throughout the country on this issue.

"Our demonstration will convey the simple message that detention without trial is wrong.

"This could be a last chance to stand firm against this draconian bill – a last chance for justice."

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