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UK: Hold a tea party on the radio

Amnesty International is appealing to local radio programmes to hold a tea party in the studio over the next three weeks, to mark the launch of its new AMNESTEA fundraising drive.

All over the country, on and around the 10 December (Human Rights Day) people will be brewing up, baking cakes and inviting their friends over for an AMNESTEA party. Some people are going a step further and hosting bigger public tea parties: at school, in the office, at the village hall or even a ‘virtual’ tea-party online. But the aim is the same: having a great time while raising money for Amnesty’s work to protect human rights around the world.

We’d be happy to put you in touch with local people who are hosting an AMNESTEA party, or we can offer a national spokesperson via ISDN to talk about AMNESTEA.

We’re also polling people to find out who they would invite to their ‘dream tea party’. We’ll release the results later this month. This would make a great subject for a phone-in!

AMNESTEA seeks to tap in to a new trend for traditionally English community events like garden parties, village fetes and tea parties. And with the credit crunch biting us all, the idea of having tea with friends instead of hosting an expensive dinner party is even more appealing.

Since 1961, Amnesty International has worked with millions of people to defend human rights worldwide. Amnesty is currently campaigning to protect individual victims of human rights abuse; to Women's rights's rights's rightss rights's rights's rights's rights; to end torture and the death penalty and to demand dignity for the world’s poorest people whose basic rights are denied. Taking part in AMNESTEA – whether it’s holding your own event or just popping along to someone else’s tea party - will help raise funds vital for the continuation of Amnesty’s work.

We’re asking people to register now at for more information.

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