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UK: Fundraising - Amnesty International welcomes proposed regulation in Queen's speech

'Most people are genuinely surprised when they discover that Amnesty International is not a charity under current legislation. This is an area that's been confusing for many years,' said Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen.

The human rights organisation also welcomed the prospect of better regulation of charity fundraisers.

'Recruiting long term supporters is vital for Amnesty International's future work. Street fundraisers have helped us to recruit around 35,000 new supporters this year who have signed up to make regular contributions to the organisation,' continued Kate Allen. 'That's why we believe it's important that this form of fundraising is well organised and transparent.'

Amnesty International, together with many other charities and the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA), has been leading the way in self-regulation, including working in partnership with local authorities to ensure there are not too many fundraisers in one area at any time and promoting high standards in face to face fundraising.

'What we want to see is sensible regulation which recognises the importance of raising money in this way, while assuring the public that charities are acting properly,' concluded Kate Allen.

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