UK Counter-Terrorism Review: Some progress but concerns about right to fair trial remain says Amnesty

Amnesty International today (26 January) reacted to the announcement of the results of the UK government’s counter-terrorism review, including changes to the control order regime, which will be replaced with "Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures", or Tpims.

Amnesty International UK Campaigns Director Tim Hancock said:

"The Tpims proposal is less drastic than the previous control orders regime, but still retains significant restrictions on the rights to liberty, privacy, expression, movement and association. These are still backed by the threat of criminal sanctions if breached.

“No details of any changes to the use of secret evidence and the Special Advocates regime have been announced so our concerns about fair trial remain.

“The review also suggests that the government actively pursues more deportation arrangements with other countries. Amnesty International deplores this continuing quest to employ unreliable, unenforceable assurances in order to return people to countries where they risk being tortured.”

Amnesty International is examining the proposals in detail and further comment and analysis of the Review will follow. Spokespeople are available for interview.

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